April Snow brings...?

If you have lived in Colorado in the spring for more than 5 minutes you know we usually get a big blizzard every April. At least we have every year for the past 5-6 years (maybe more but that's as far back as I can remember right now) So I expect it every year. But I'm still somehow always shocked by it. 

We had that big blizzard last weekend. It started Friday night and by late Saturday we had about 10 inches of snow in our yard. Naturally all of our soccer plans (even Swedish school and they NEVER cancel) were canceled and we had a lazy weekend together. The last of many. So we made the best of our snowy weekend with lots of snow play (spring snow is the Best to play in, its not super cold and its nice and thick and fluffy) movies and shopping. We decided to brave the weather (roads were fine) and head to brunch at our favorite place since no way there would be a crowd in a blizzard....WRONG. There was an hour wait for a table. Coloradans are Not afraid of a little snow. Unless your one of the bazillion of  transplants from Texas. They do NOT like to drive in snow I've noticed. But the rest of us don't let a foot of snow stop us from brunch. 

When I realized friday morning that we were going to get snow that night (yeah I don't pay attention to the weather apparently) I decided I NEEDED to take some pictures of Tindra in front of our cherry blossom before they snow ruined the bloom...good thing I did because we lost 4 HUGE branches to the storm and of course, the beautiful flowers. 

And yes, that's my 3 year old (okay 4 year old now since these were taken!) wearing a flower girl dress. Mom insisted on taking pictures, she insisted on wearing her old flower girl dress. It was either this dress or an Elsa dress so we will call it a win. 



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