Long time no see!

Long time no see! Darlene have been running the ship over here while I have been working, traveling and mostly sleeping. Because I am pregnant again and more tired than I have ever been before. It is insane how tiring it is to be pregnant. How do people do it over and over again? During the last weeks of my first pregnancy I though everyone who had more than one kid was insane because by then you should know better!

We are finally in the state of excitement, until now we have been really terrified. Our first kiddo does not sleep through the night yet.. by far. He woke up 4 times last night. And then up for the day by five. Seriously, some parents have kids who sleep! How do you brew those babies? I would be happy to know!

Nesting is kicking in. I am forcing my poor partner to redo the basement… after work.. while I sleep. He is a mighty mighty good man, having patience with me. But it was long overdue..

Any advice from going to one kiddo to two? How to introduce the new baby? Dealing with sibling rivalry? Making enough time for both? (making time for your relationship I guess is just on pause for the next 3 years.. ) Anything to calm me down, please let us know!