Tindra Says

Another appropriate title would be "Crazy shit that comes out of my kids mouth" 

First allow  me to formally introduce Tindra; the sassiest 3 year old I've ever met. (My daughter) She's sweet, she's sassy, she's spunky, and she says some crazy shit. 

After finally figuring out how to blow her nose (side note, it's basically impossible to try to teach kids to blow their nose"wow I'm a big girl this week. I figured out how to unbuckle my car seat and now I can blow my nose. Guess I'm big enough for a boyfriend"

After singing along to her dads current favorite song..  "T for Tindra! M for mom! O for Oh I think I found myself a cheerleader!"

While headed up to the mountain to pick out a Christmas tree and the rest of us wanted to listen to Christmas music..                                                                        "I'm not a Scrooge I just don't like Christmas music or Christmas movies or Santa. But I do like Christmas"

When planning her birthday party..months in advance..'When I have a birthday party, I only want BOYS to come. And maybe a couple girls' 

When her least favorite vegetable was served for dinner.. "Mom it hurts when I eat broccoli'- Tindra. 'Oh no, hurts where?' 'Welllllll it hurts my feelings"

Life with kids is certainly never boring! What are some crazy things your kiddos say?