Doing: Sipping my coffee slowly while Tindra plays with her kitchen and Soren naps, trying to meal plan for the week before we head to the grocery store. While I was doing Whole30  I was really good about meal planning, but now that we have been done a week..haven't done any planning so it's time to start that again. 

Thinking about: house hunting. We have outgrown this 3 bedroom bungalow in the city. And while we have loved it, and love our neighborhood SO much, it's time for more space. We have started house hunting and trying to figure out which neighborhood we want to live in. SO much harder than I thought it would be! Do we want to have a smaller house (still more space than now) but be in a great place to be able to bike to restaurants (yes please!)? Or a bit farther out with more space and the houses with the high ceilings I love (yes please!) OR the neighborhood with smaller lots but backs to amazing open space and paths running right in between the houses? Its impossible to pick! Each of the neighborhoods we have looked at have some big positives and negatives. So wish us luck! We don't have at on of time to decide before we want to move in June. 

Watching: Currently Drew and I are really into House of Cards. Who isn't? We are trying to only watch an episode at a time though, we don't want to rush through it and be done! We first got hooked two summers ago while in Sweden and we needed something quietly to do in our hotel room after the kiddos were asleep. So we started watching in on the iPad and got hooked instantly. The second season came out right before Soren was born, so I'll always remember those first nights with a brand new baby, laying in bed at night with the two of them finishing the season. *Side note, aren't those first few weeks at home with a brand new baby an equal mixture of magical and pure craziness?? Its my favorite* We also have really gotten into the new show Quantico! So intense every week. Other favorite; Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Tiny House...and my guilty pleasure, Pretty Little Liars.

Looking Forward To: Jaspers spring break next week! Since we aren't going anywhere, I want to plan a super fun 'Staycation'. The weather has gotten super cold the last week so I'm hoping next week is more spring type weather so we can go to the zoo at least!

Reading: Nothing! I just finished 3 books that I was reading at the same time (bad idea, I kept getting confused) so I need some new recommendations! Any new favorites ?

Loving: These  work outs! I was doing them for a while before Christmas, and then Life got in the way. But a couple weeks ago I started back up again and I'm LOVING spending those 30 minutes a day to myself (okay its usually not by myself with three kids around) but I have so much more energy when I get the work outs in! Also, I got a lot of hair chopped off this weekend and I'm loving how healthy my hair feels! I have such bad regrowth after Soren (okay after all the kids) and I'm hoping this will help!



*I used to follow a blog that did these link ups but now I can't find her blog anymore so if you know who started these please let me know!*