Why did we start a blog?

Between the Darlene and I we have 4 kids, 2 husbands, 3 dogs, 4 jobs, and a million hobbies and so so many things on our to-do lists. But still, so much of our time goes to read and write blogs. I have blogged since 2008. We really should not do this. But we want to!

I started to blog when I first left Sweden to go on a year abroad from Sweden to Macon, Georgia, of all places in the world. Blogging kinda stuck with me. I love it. I love feeling like I am surrounded by friends from all over the world. I love the support and the often well deserved critic that comes with it. 

I hope this blog will become the way I, we, envision it. A place where I can ask questions to get answers, where I can give answers with no questions asked.. I kid. No, but a true place. Where the days can be filled with awesomeness and joy, but that there is also room for the not so awesome everyday. Where I can share my passion about bringing up my baby to be come a world citizen. The ups and downs of cross cultural families, travels and clean eating. 

If you want me to write about something special, let me know! Hit me up at TheWanderlustMoms@gmail.com

- Linnea


Aspen, Colorado. 

Aspen, Colorado.