Long time no see!

Long time no see! Darlene have been running the ship over here while I have been working, traveling and mostly sleeping. Because I am pregnant again and more tired than I have ever been before. It is insane how tiring it is to be pregnant. How do people do it over and over again? During the last weeks of my first pregnancy I though everyone who had more than one kid was insane because by then you should know better!

We are finally in the state of excitement, until now we have been really terrified. Our first kiddo does not sleep through the night yet.. by far. He woke up 4 times last night. And then up for the day by five. Seriously, some parents have kids who sleep! How do you brew those babies? I would be happy to know!

Nesting is kicking in. I am forcing my poor partner to redo the basement… after work.. while I sleep. He is a mighty mighty good man, having patience with me. But it was long overdue..

Any advice from going to one kiddo to two? How to introduce the new baby? Dealing with sibling rivalry? Making enough time for both? (making time for your relationship I guess is just on pause for the next 3 years.. ) Anything to calm me down, please let us know! 


Friday and 12 steps of kindness

Happy Friday! I am so happy it is weekend, my last weekend in forever.. of course not true, but I will work through my next weekend so therefor it feels like it is the last one in.. forever.. Geez, those moments of hours with my family are just so necessary so when I don't get them.. it really ruins me. I get grumpy, feel like the earth is a terrible place to be, like the sun will never shine.. etc. etc. 

See what a sad, grump post this became.. that's just the though of next weekend! Arghh

Anyway. Read this. And then be kind. And appreciate your mom. A side note.. did you click on the link already and read "Why do we always seem to neglect the people who we are closest to?". Its my husbands birthday today. I have not gotten him a gift... yet. Still a few more hours to go. It was my birthday not to long ago and he made me a scavenger hunt and in the end I found my old wedding ring diamond turned in to a necklace. OH I SUCK SO BAD. This poor, beautiful, loving man is married to a grumpy, lazy wife. but I am lost! I don't know what to get a man who does not want anything?

Pretty Pottery

So this is a random post...BUT have you seen the best Instagram on earth? Tortus Copenhagens videos.. I DID NOT KNOW THAT WATCHING SOMEONE PLAY WITH CLAY COULD BE... so sexy? It really is. I had no idea I liked pottery, men from Denmark or weird music.. but I DO!!

Anyway check it out and tell me that you agree, I know you will. 

To make this post more.. substantial.. here is my favorite potting Etsy stores. 

Margarita recipe with limes and no added sugar

Fridaaaaay! Best day of the week, so many hopes, so much time. I feel like Fridays are like going on vacation. 

I love Margaritas, LOVE, but I do not love the ones you get in most restaurants. Often made with a mixer of some kinds, they are packed with sugar and makes you feel sick. I often ask for the “Skinny Margs” which I am not a fan of because the name, skinny, sucks.

Anyway, here is my recipe, I make these at least once a day… kid kid, once a week.

  • One lime per person.
  • A shot of tequila per person.
  • Soda water.

That’s it. And it is amazing. Everything simple and quick is amazing. If you want it sweet, add some honey, or mango pure and you have a Mango Marg!

Have a great weekend!

Time and parenthood

Since I became a mother I have realized the importance of time..  or maybe more, the lack of time.. Actually, the biggest realisation was how they don't ever match up. "I need more time, I have less time" is an equation that simply does not work. 

 At work, I want the time to pass so I can go home to my baby. At home with my baby, I want the time to pass so I can get the house/lunch-boxes/laundry ready for the next day. At night I want the time to pass so I can get started the next morning and removing things from my never ending To-Do list. 

I know how important it is to be mindful and enjoy the little moments but it is easier said than done. I was overwhelmed with the lack of time and it resulted in me just.. checking out. I decided that time sucks, I suck, everything sucks, and that I was not up to more stress that day. I clocked out from work, took a long lunch by myself, ordered a dessert and ate it before my salad. I get now why you should not do that, the salad was definitely not tasting good after an amazing and filling carrot cake. But whatever.. I enjoyed that moment so much. And I noticed the benefit of taking some time for me for the rest of the day. I had so much more energy at work. I went home and played with my baby and enjoyed watching him banging his toys endlessly together. That hour way from everything gave me so much than an hour back in return. An hour for an hour is not an equal trade when it comes to wellbeing. 


It's the small things..

Like finding a banana peel in your pocket. I hate bananas. I hate banana peels. I hate the touch of bananas and have a really hard time watching kids (other than mine) eating bananas just because bananas are so gross

But here I am, with a banana peel in my pocket. I have never feel more like a mom. And like a freaking great mom! It is the small things right? In all seriousness, I have to celebrate my overcoming a ridiculous fear of bananas. I never was in to fashion anyway and I am very far from being a mom in high heels. I am not a great mom. I constantly feel like I am not doing enough, so having a banana peel in my pocket was todays win. 

I would love to hear about your victory today! What made you awesome? 

- Linnea

Why did we start a blog?

Between the Darlene and I we have 4 kids, 2 husbands, 3 dogs, 4 jobs, and a million hobbies and so so many things on our to-do lists. But still, so much of our time goes to read and write blogs. I have blogged since 2008. We really should not do this. But we want to!

I started to blog when I first left Sweden to go on a year abroad from Sweden to Macon, Georgia, of all places in the world. Blogging kinda stuck with me. I love it. I love feeling like I am surrounded by friends from all over the world. I love the support and the often well deserved critic that comes with it. 

I hope this blog will become the way I, we, envision it. A place where I can ask questions to get answers, where I can give answers with no questions asked.. I kid. No, but a true place. Where the days can be filled with awesomeness and joy, but that there is also room for the not so awesome everyday. Where I can share my passion about bringing up my baby to be come a world citizen. The ups and downs of cross cultural families, travels and clean eating. 

If you want me to write about something special, let me know! Hit me up at TheWanderlustMoms@gmail.com

- Linnea


Aspen, Colorado. 

Aspen, Colorado.