Copper Mountain

I realized I never blogged on here about our visit to Copper last year! ( I did on my other blog but I’m phasing that one out now after a decade!) and need to before we go up again hopefully this summer!

We went up for Jaspers 11th birthday and it was THE best way to celebrate a birthday! Thinking we have to do it again this year!

It ended up being a cold overcast day, even rained on and off, but that didn’t matter! In some ways it made it even better because we basically had the place to ourselves most of the day!

I love that the whole place was super family friendly and there was literally something for every kiddo to enjoy, all ages! Tindra is hoping she’s old enough/big enough for the zip line this year!

We can’t decide if the coaster or the ninja cube thing were the funnest, or the go cart…you get the picture! Too much fun to pick a favorite activity! If you are in the area this definitely needs to be on your Colorado Bucket List!