GIVEAWAY : Big Bounce America

Okay I'm Really excited about this giveaway guys! And super excited to take my family as a Summer kick off on the last day of school! How's that for a 'schools out for the summer celebration!' Beats the ice cream and park we normally do by Miles!

Okay now for the fun details, if you have seen these videos of Big Bounce America trending on Facebook then I know you are going to want to go also! I've been seeing them forever, and as soon as I found out they were coming to Denver I may have screeched in excitement a little bit. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 9.01.10 AM.png

The Big Bounce America is definitely not your average bounce house. Kids and grown ups of all ages are invited to get big-air on the basketball court, compete against one another on an obstacle course, and plummet from a giant slide into a massive ball pit outside the main structure.Sounds amazing right?  On top of that theres also  a professional DJ,  at the center of the bounce house, spins a carefully curated soundtrack with nightclub-quality sound, lights and even blasts of confetti. The Big Bounce America is more than just a bounce house, it's a bouncing festival for all ages; shoes off, party on!

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 9.00.16 AM.png

In addition to the record-breaking main bounce house, you will find Bounce Village which features additional bounce structures, including a four-piece inflatable obstacle course, a giant ball pit, a massive slide, and a separate bounce house for the little bouncers. Bounce Village adds 10,000 square feet to The Big Bounce America, bringing the grand total to 20,000 square feet of inflatable fun!

The world’s biggest bounce house ever assembled is making its way across the  country through November of 2018, visiting 29 states and 59 major cities. Featuring  10,000 square feet of inflatable elation, The Big Bounce America is the most  memorable, exciting experience of the year! Sure, kids will fall in love with the giant candy colored structure, but the adult-only night sessions are what make this event so special. How fun would the adults only session be if you don't have kiddos to bring along? Or make it a date night, you don't even need to tell the kids ;) 


Okay now for the Really exciting part!Big bounce America is  giving away TWO sets of FOUR tickets to one of YOU! And you don't even need to be local to enter, because they are traveling the country! Just some of the other cities they will be in this year : Raleigh NC, Washington DC, Salt Lake City, UH, Multiple cities in California, New York...and so many more! Check it out here and see if Big Bounce America is coming to your city! 

Alright, to enter, just leave a comment here below with what city you would love to win tickets to (with your name)! That simple, for other ways to enter, go on over to Facebook and enter there as well And instagram to increase your chances! I'll have my non partial 3 year old select TWO winners on Tuesday! 

*Thanks Big Bounce America for the tickets for my family and the ones to give away to you guys!