Iceland, Day 1

Where do I even start with this post? It will probably need to be broken into a couple of different posts or it will turn into a novel. 

Last year I got the idea that I just Had to go back to Iceland (last time we only stayed for a lay over with enough time to go to the Blue Lagoon and back to the airport. My childhood friends from Sweden and I had been talking about doing a girls trip for our 30th birthday...but we all had babies, and then they had babies again so it naturally got delayed. So when I approached them last summer ish about Iceland, they were on board immediately. 

Logistics; getting to Iceland from Colorado is SO easy. Quick direct 7 ish hour flight (little less than 7 on way there, little more than 7 on way home) And relatively cheap also if you book ahead of time. Maybe depending on season also, but I booked in November for our April trip and spent just over $500 with insurance for round trip flight with Iceland air. I've paid 3 times that for flights to Europe, so pretty dang good deal i think!

We stayed in an air bnb that was downtown for also a really good price!

But thats about where the 'good prices' stop for Iceland, just so you are aware. I was, but I still had sticker shock. Towards the end of the trip we had grown accustomed to the high prices when we shared 2 pizzas and had one drink each and thought the 35$/person meal was a pretty good deal. Or the time we shared a container of french fries with two dipping sauces (really good btw) and 3 cans of soda 28$ and thought whoa steal! So really just be prepared so you aren't shocked!

Okay back to the fun stuff..what we did in ICELAND

Because of when the planes left from Sweden and Denver, Sofie and Jessica (from Sweden) arrived Sunday evening and I arrived Super early Monday morning. Like 6;15 AM, which was midnight Colorado time and i didn't sleep on the plane except for like 25 minutes in the beginning so I was expecting to be crazy tired...but besides a little afternoon nap I didn't sleep till 3AM iceland time 9 PM monday night in CO and I hadn't slept since Saturday night. But I never felt tired! I guess it was an 'I'm in ICELAND high' 

Anyway when I arrived in Iceland I got my luggage (which there was a scare with didn't come out with everyone else's luggage but they found in 30 minutes later) and then I went and grabbed this flat looking croissant thing with ham and cheese (amazing BTW) and waited for my 7:30 bus to take me to the Blue Lagoon  (where Jessica and Sofie were waiting for me) *Tip, make sure you prebook your blue lagoon visit! We got the package that came with a robe and it was Definitely worth having that! 

The blue lagoon is just magical. There aren't words to describe it, and pictures don't come Close to doing it justice. It was cold and windy out that morning, super windy, but the water was nice and warm. I think they keep it around 101-102 I think? so it was nice in the water. Plus they have a sauna and steam room (that feels like its in a cave) so we kept going in there when new got cold also. And definitely do the face masks they have available! Your skin will thank you. *Another tip, make SURE you use the conditioner to heavily condition your hair before getting in the water. I didn't do that the first time and I regretted it for days. 

After we left the Blue lagoon (bus takes you back to town) we left my bags and went to find lunch. We ended up having a yummy meat soup and fresh bread which was Super delicious on a cold day. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 2.33.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 2.33.46 PM.png

After lunch we walked around some then went back to take a nap. At this point it was like 9AM in colorado and I hadn't yet slept for the night, so a quick nap was needed! Quick nap turned into like 2 hours but again, needed because next (after a delicious dinner where the pizza I ordered came with a raspberry sauce!) we were headed out to try to find the Northern Lights!

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 6.18.46 PM.png

To see the Northern Lights you really need to come in the winter, and by the time we came it was the very end of the season so unfortunately we only caught a slight glimmer of them, but it was still a really cool (literally and figuratively) experience! Now I need to go back in the winter so I can Really see them! 

That wraps up my first 24 hours in Iceland!