Camping with Kids

Okay we are far far FAR from camping experts, but we have been going up to camp in the mountains for like 7 ish years now? And we recently completed our first 5 day/night camping trip, so I feel a little bit more like a 'real' camper now!

First off, What to Pack


Family Camping Checklist 

  • Tent
  • Air mattress and pump or cots 
  • Sleeping bags for everyone
  • Pack n Play if you have a baby/toddler (Soren slept in his pack n play amazingly well) 
  • Sheet/blankets/pillows
  • tarp for under tent
  • extra stakes
  • hammer
  • chairs
  • lanter
  • headlamp
  • chairs
  • table cloth
  • clothes pin
  • portable grill
  • charcoal
  • lighter fluid/matches
  • pot
  • pan
  • dutch oven
  • french press (hot coffee after a cold night of sleeping is bliss)
  • large bucket to wash dishes in
  • cups/plates/silverware
  • knife/spatula/cutting board
  • dish soap/rag
  • aluminum foil/food containers
  • paper towels
  • plastic bags
  • Towels for showers/swimming- we brought one large towel per person
  • first aid kit
  • ziplock bags
  • dust pan/brush (this is something we didn't pack but now its on our list after wishing we had one
  • Mat for outside of tent (again something we wish we would have had to keep dirt outside of the tent 

Some other things we brought that aren't necessary but for us helped

  • Small fan- it got hot during the day and it made napping for Soren a lot easier
  • Ipads for white noise while we slept, the kids all slept in till around 6:45-7 Each day which was 8 colorado time so i was Super impressed with that
  • Lawn games! Yahtzee
  • Sand toys
  • Soccer ball/frisbee/football

Okay now for the fun part, FOOD!

I was most excited about the food for our spring break camping trip. There's something about cooking outside thats exciting after cooking meal after meal in my kitchen. A nice change up!

If you are going somewhere without convenient access to grocery stores (like we did) you will want to bring everything with you, which means you have to MEAL PLAN. I planned out every meal, breakfast lunch and dinner for when we were gone. Left out an lunch because I knew the day we made a day trip to Lake Havasu that we would eat out, plus brought snacks. And yes we definitely had food left over, but thats okay. Better than running out! Heres some of the things we made

Breakfasts while camping

  • Cinnamon roll on a stick
  • Hot ham and cheese croissants
  • dutch baby
  • eggs on english muffins
  • muffins
  • Yogurt with granola 

Lunches while camping

  • PBJ sandwiches
  • Egg salad sandwiches (i made the egg salad before hand)
  • Hot ham and cheese sandwiches
  • pasta salad (made it ahead of time

Diners while camping 

  • Hot dogs with instant mashed potatoes (super easy and it was better than i thought!
  • Burgers
  • nachos (these were So good, I made the meat the day before we left so this was our first dinner while camping and it was Amazing) 
  • Pasta 
  • Really the opportunities are endless, but this is just what we had!

Other food items 

  • Chips
  • pretzels
  • fruit
  • granola bars
  • Stuff for s'mores
  • Condiments 

Something extra we brought that our kids never really have is kool aid, the kind in a little bottle we can squirt into water. It made it really 'fun' for them since its so rare, and they had to drink a whole 20 oz bottle of water first before the next bottle we made a juice, so it kept them nice and hydrated which was important in the desert. 


Okay thats all I can think of right now, let me know if you have any questions about camping with kids, or any tips for Me! Cant wait to schedule another camping trip!