Iceland Day 2

I’m always having people ask me about my Iceland trip so its time to finish these posts! You can read about day one Here

So Day two. We had a late night Day 1 seeing the northern lights, I think we got back to our airbnb apartment at like 2- 2:30 AM, and we had to be up early to head on our next adventure. But turns out 4 hours is plenty of sleep when you are in FREAKIN ICELAND!

So our next adventure was horse back riding! On Icelandic ponies!! I can’t say enough about this experience. If you even like horses a TINY bit, this needs to be on your list.

The company we went with was great. They came and picked us up, and provided all the gear. And you want their gear. It rained a little bit and hailed for a few minutes, but even being out in that for 2.5 ish hours I felt (mostly) completely warm in their gear. They even provided boots! Our horses took us out on an old lava field, and just amazing views and sight seeing. All on top of the prettiest horses ever. Mine was a little bit ornery and decided he didn’t want to stay on the paths, but it all worked out amazing. One day I’m totally taking Tindra here for a girls trip so we can go horse back riding together!


After we were done riding we got to go inside and have hot chocolate/coffee while we waited for our drivers to take us back to the city (maybe a 20 minute ride?)


After we got back we walked around Reyjavik for a while looking for somewhere to eat, and then had some delicious burgers at a bar before heading back for a little nap/rest time before we walked around some more and had a delicious pizza/pasta dinner at Jamie Olivers. Yeah who knew, he apparently has a restaurant in Iceland! And that wraps up our 2nd day in Iceland!