Christmas 2017

Sometimes I think, who wants to read these kinds of posts. Probably no one. BUT I started blogging for myself, and I love love looking back to old posts and remember what we did, so I need to do a better job at this! Jasper got a baby book, and an almost daily blog. Tindra got half baby book and a semi frequently blog...Soren gets a page filled out in a baby book and sporadic blogs to look back on...sorry third child. 

Christmas of course came and went all too quickly. 

Christmas eve I had signed up to volunteer for one of the church services with the kiddos, so I had to be at church at like 2:30 and the rest of the gang came after 5. The service was of course Amazing. Really really amazing. 

Drew had invited a friend to come to church with us, so I left to take the kids home, and his friends car didn't start so they spent quite a while dealing with that so Drew wasn't home in time to put kiddos to bed. So by the time he came home kids were in bed and I was playing Santa. 

The kids first woke up at like 4:45 (every year Jasper sleeps in Tindras room on Christmas eve, maybe next year Soren will join them as well!) and after I told them Santa might not have come yet and they needed to go to sleep right away they did and woke up again around 6:15. Much more manageable hour to start the day!

*Side note- does Santa wrap presents at your house or leave them? Here he doesn't wrap, and they are assembled and ready to go*

So kids came down, saw what Santa had brought (light up sketchers, an emoji pillow and a 'tricks' scooter for Jasper, a mini trampoline, the same sketchers, and a fire truck for Soren (who only asked for a fire truck, 'his own lipstick' and a pacifier for Christmas) and a big kid bike, barbie car and art isle for Tindra) and opened their stockings, while I got made coffee and breakfast. We do monkey bread and bacon every year! 

After we ate we spent all morning opening presents and putting together new toys. I remember the first Christmas we didn't get 'toys' to play with, because we weren't playing with toys anymore, and remember thinking what are we supposed to do all morning now? And how big of a change it was. Jasper is already starting to approach that, and I'm So dreading the day when no one wants to play with toys anymore! 

Some of the kids favorite gifts- Jasper it was all the santa stuff (he really really wanted those things and it was the only things he asked for) plus a picture frame Tindra made him at school with a picture of her, he said over and over how special it was, and a digital picture I had made of Remi. Tindra loved her bike the most plus her mermaid tail blanket thing. And soren..well he loved it all and didn't want to stop playing with any of it!

Drew surprised me with a huge mirror that I've been wanting forever! Soren got me a beautiful Swedish pillow and Jasper...oh jaspers gift made me ugly cry. He had been working on it in private for months! Which is hard to do in this crazy house. He got a board and took pictures of me and scanned them with the printer (i didn't even know how to do this and have no idea how He figured out how to dot hat) and taped them on a board, along with a list of things he loves about me...sweetest boy ever? He just might be. He also got me a great pair of shoes (with the help of his dad) Last year after hearing the song 'Christmas shoes' he took a pair of my shoes and traced it so he he would know my shoe size, and picked me out a pair of shoes. Such a giver that one. 

After naps Drews parents came and I got started on dinner (swedish julbord!) and later his brother and sister in law joined us. 

We didn't have any snow, but thats the only thing that can make Christmas even better! Sledding/playing in the of these years we will have another white Christmas!