Fall in the Rockies

Last weekend I convinced Drew that instead of watching the first half of the Broncos game we Needed to head up to the mountains to check out the fall color before it disappears. Luckily there was a rain delay for the game so he only ended up missing the first quarter anyway. Win win!

Naturally the photographer in me just HAD to bring my tripod and attempt the perfect family picture. HA. Yeah didn't really happen. Apparently kids Really don't want to look at a camera when there is no one holding it. Also my remote was acting up so I had to keep pushing the button and running to jump into the picture. Also hard to get kids to focus when mom keeps running back and forth. BUT we did get to see some gorgeous yellow fall color, and spent a cozy few hours in the mountains with Zero tears or tantrums so I'm counting it as a win!

Aren't those Aspens just stunning? Sadly they don't last every long here. If fall could last like 3 months, like Legit fall that would be wonderful wouldn't it? Here fall is so short and its usually mixed in with summer and winter. Take today for example, its the first day of fall. But its like high 80's. And this weekend its going to be 50's and rain, which will feel a little like winter. So like 2 seconds of fall? Fickle fickle Colorado. We love you anyway.