Grand Lake getaway!

Drew has been wanting to get his Grandpa out here (from Nebraska) to go ice fishing forever, and finally they made it happen! My sister in law has family friends that have an amazing house up there that they so generously let us borrow for the long weekend, and we all had such an amazing time!



The guys all went ice fishing two of the days, while my sister and law and I hung out at the house with the kids, played games during nap time, and played in the snow! One of the days they went ice fishing we brought them lunch and hung out for a while, J loved it so much he wanted to stay the rest of the day and went back again the next day. Tindra liked it but insisted on crawling everywhere because the ice was pretty slippery and Soren..well Soren needed to be carried or pulled on the sled the entire time. It was so much fun being out on the ice, reminded me so much of my childhood in Northern Sweden. 


I've wanted to go snow shoeing forever, and we finally did! After going snow shoeing with a toddler strapped to my back I think I can officially call myself a Coloradan! 

Our last day it snowed in the afternoon, which made the super cozy weekend even cozier! Heres a little clip of the sledding, excuse the coughing and hoarse voice- I came up with a bad cold the day we went up there and it lasted weeks! 

Thanks for everyone who helped put this weekend together, we definitely need to do it again sometime!