Mini Getaway to Vail

A couple of weeks ago my mom came to town to watch the kiddos and Drew and I went away for the first time since our honeymoon in 2011! I was dreading leaving the kids, but they had a great time with Grammy and the getaway was even more needed that I thought possible. 


We had an amazing time with amazing food, shopping, relaxation and some adventure!  


We had been planning on a day of skiing, but once we got up there we decided to try something new- a snow mobiling tour! At the recommendation of a friend we went with Nova guides and they did Not disappoint! Our guide was the best! He picked us up at the condo we were staying and drove us 40 min or so to the lodge.  


We spent the next 4ish hours riding up and down the mountain, it was seriously amazing. It was snowing off and on the whole time and Really freaking cold (I believe single digits which feels a a lot colder while riding in 30-40 MPH with no cover! The snow suits helped for sure, but towards the end of the trip I couldn't feel my fingers and toes anymore and I was convinced my face had frost bite (spoiler alert, it didn't!)  Because we had a small group, and our tour guide thought we could handle it, he took us to the very very top, i think it was a little above 12,500 feet? We stopped for just a minute up there as it was REALLY FREAKING COLD and low visibility with the wind and it was snowing at that point. I took my glove of for 15 seconds to take a video- mistake! I couldn't even put my phone away before I had to get my gloves on and seriously couldn't feel my hand in that short amount of time. Things could get dangerous up there really quickly! 

When we got back to the lodge lunch was waiting for us! I can't even tell you how amazing that burger, fries and cherry coke tasted after the morning of snow mobiling. Partly from the cold but also partly from the adrenaline I think, but my body was shaking for a good 30 minutes after as we ate lunch waiting for our guide to take us back down.

Basically as soon as we got back to the condo we were staying in it was time to go across the street to our massages we had booked the day before. The spa has an outdoor heated pool/hot tub so we went and sat in there first, followed by the steam room and jacuzzi before it was time for massages. If you were wondering what the best way to spend an afternoon after 4 hours outside in the freezing weather- THIS is it. Couples massages, hot tea, followed by pedicures for both of us. Seriously bliss. Pure bliss.

After all that we had the most amazing dinner at terra bistro. Two whole hours of enjoying dinner just us. Now THAT is un heard of. Even on a night out  just us we don't sit for dinner that long, we try to hurry up and eat and get to a movie or something, so I literally can't think of a single time in the last almost 10 years of being parents that we have sat and enjoyed such a long dinner. And dessert! 

The rest of our stay up in Vail was spent walking around, shopping, eating at several delicious restaurants, and even some outlet shopping on the way home. It really was the Perfect 3 day getaway, but I was Super anxious to get home to my babies. Even turning down going into the Coach outlet just so we could get on the road and home earlier to see them. And they had the most amazing time with grammy while we were gone! She's apparently a lot more fun than we surprise there! I was thinking Soren would wean himself while I was away, but don't you worry he was up 6 times the night I got back reclaiming his territory. Every time he would wake up he would claim 'mamma all done bye bye' Sure is nice to be loved and missed! But he was 100 percent fine when we were gone. 

Vacationing with my kids is my absolute favorite thing in the world to do, but a getaway with just Drew might be a close second.