Date Nights at home with Blue Apron

It's no secret that having three young kids and living 700 miles away from family can be hard sometimes. Especially when it comes to getting out with out the kiddos. It just doesn't happen as often as we would like. We found a high schooler across the street in our new neighborhood who we have used (!!!) but it still doesn't happen enough!

We didn't leave Jasper with a babysitter for the first time till he was almost 5 (kind of insane when I type that out..) so over the years we have gotten pretty good at having at home date nights. We pick a night and sometimes just watch a movie together, maybe with some yummy take out, put our phones away, and make us a priority. But we have been trying to come up with more fun ways we can have date nights at home! I'll be sharing some of those with you over the next few months.

One thing we have always enjoyed doing  but don't get the time very often is cooking together. Usually its me, or sometimes on the weekends he will grill for us, but theres not a lot of times we cook just the two of us together, but we enjoy it a lot so we are going to start making that more of a priority for a date night!

Blue Apron sent us two amazing meals to test out, and it was the perfect way to jump into a cooking together date. Usually cooking involves the menu planning, grocery shopping etc. the not so fun part of cooking. Well not with Blue Apron! They send you everything you need for the meal, including the recipe, and all you have to do is throw it together!

If you aren't familiar with Blue Apron, heres the run down.

Blue Apron is a meal delivery service that delivers farm-fresh ingredients delivered straight to you. (It came in a box filled with ice packs so it stays cold even if it sits out on the porch all day waiting for you to come home) 

There are two meal plans: the 2-person plan and the family plan (feeds a family of four hungry adults for $8.74 per person or $69.92 for an 8-serving delivery which consists of two hearty meals).

The meals are always free shipping and there are zero commitments! So you can sign up, try a week, skip a few weeks, whatever you like!

When we told the kids last weekend we were heading home to make dinner, Tindra called from the back seat 'Oh so we gotta stop at King Soopers first?' because thats her norm. Every time we go to make dinner we need to run to the store first, so she was super confused when we said nope we have everything we need at home!

When we got home we sent the kids into the play room to play together and Drew and I got to work on dinner alone! We threw on some music (the Oh Hellos to get us ready for their concert next week) and grabbed a drink (have you tried the alcohol cream sodas?? They are Amazingly refreshing) and got to work. 

I always make Drew handle the raw meat if we cook together, I'd rather not touch raw meat if I don't Have to, but the beef for the Housin beef and vegetable stir fry we made came pre chopped and everything! Even I can handle that kind of meat prep. 

One of the funnest things for me with Blue Apron is that in both meals we tried, it called for ingredients I never have on hand. Like Bok Choy? Egg plant? I'm pretty sure those vegetables have never made an appearance in my kitchen. But it turns out, we all loved trying all these 'new to us' vegetables. It made me step out of my comfort zone and step up the dinner game. 

After church on Sunday we made Fransese-Style Chicken with Arugula and Green Bean-Potato Salad. We started during Tindras and Sorens nap and Jasper reading time, so it was perfect to even be able to fit in a little 'day date' while the kids were resting. And then they got to wake up to a delicious late lunch/early dinner. 

Drews favorite meal was definitely the Hoisin Beef and Vegetable Stir-fry, but I was obsessed with the Chicken and green bean-potato salad. And the kids loved all of it also! 

We went with the 4 person family plan, but it fed our family of five AND we had enough leftovers between the two of them to easily fill all of us when we had leftovers after soccer Monday night. They both made HUGE meals. 


And now for some Super exciting news. If you want a chance to try out Blue Apron, use THIS code and you get two free meals! No commitment! . But I think after you try it, like us, you will be hooked so fair warning there!