We are all still alive

And mostly well. Linnea has been working a Lot. (Super mom right there) And we are in the process of moving (long story) so our lives have been insane the last month. And now school is out for the summer so I'm trying to balance having the three kiddos home all day. I used to be able to count on an hour or so over Tindra and Soren's naps over lapping and getting some alone time to get some work done...now naps are all messed up and Jasper is home also.  But it will get figured out!

The last few weekends have Not been too much fun with all the packing and organizing (how does one little family have SO MUCH STUFF) and this Saturday was the same. So when we woke up Sunday about to do more packing I said NOPE. Today we are doing something fun. 

So after Soren's first nap we headed to a new (to us) pool and had basically the best time ever. This was such a good pool for us. It wasn't too big so we could keep an eye on Jasper but still giving him some freedom. And Tindra was getting super brave practicing swimming under water in her new floaty. And Soren. Oh boy does this kid love water. The biggest challenge was keeping him from sticking his face into the water the whole time. 


We will be having a Lot more pool days over the coming weeks..the forest cast for the rest of the week is high 90's every day. AKA about 20 degrees too hot for me.