Travel Tuesday; Luggage Tips

For our late honeymoon Drew and I went to Sweden for just under two weeks. It was an amazing time (I'm definitely going to blog about it sometime!) but some of the things that stand out in my mind were Not amazing. 

Like the fact that we both majorly over packed. And not only did we over pack, we also brought a couple of empty bags to bring some things back from Sweden for Jasper and also from my grandmothers apartment. She had passed away a few months before and my dad had asked me to go to her apartment and get some special things, photo albums, a harp (yes, a harp) some books, just special 'farmor' things. I even found out then that me and farmor (fathers's mother in Swedish) wore the same size shoes! So I found the best boots in her closet that I brought back with me. Those boots are So special to me now. 

Anyway, back to the luggage. So not only did we over pack, we now had all this extra luggage to bring back to first Stockholm from our stay up in Northern Sweden, and then back home. All while taking public transportation everywhere. 

If we would have had good luggage, lugging around 200 pounds of stuff wouldn't have seemed like such a big deal. 

But at least two of the bags we had from the trip were huge army duffle things, square shaped, so super awkward to carry. Especially when they weigh 50 pounds each.. Lets just say Drew was NOT very happy with me every time he had to get those bags (okay with my help, but it was mainly him) onto the train/buss/into our hotel. It wasn't a fun end to our trip to have to get those bags everywhere. 

After that trip we decided 1, we needed amazing luggage, and 2, we need to work on our packing skills. Especially now, traveling around with three little ones also, its a lot of stuff even if we stick with the minimal. 

I'm happy to report that we have mainly stuck with that (except for when we were in Sweden and I needed to bring back an entire suitcase worth of Swedish food and books...yeah he was thrilled to find out he was lugging around 15 pounds of books all over Scandinavia..

Two summers ago Tom Bihn  sent me a couple of bags to review, and holy cow, they are life changing when traveling. I think we need to buy Jasper his own for this summer so he can be in charge of carrying his own stuff from now on now that he's old enough. We got two of these ones, and they can fit SO much stuff, yet still fit as a carry on. From here on out when we fly we are going to try to stick with carry on bags, its just so much easier and quicker, and also encourages us to pack less of course. 

They are handy/comfortable enough that I could even carry both bags easily, and at times I was carrying one bag, and wearing two year old Tindra at the same time. 

We have used those bags dozens of times now, for trips back to Iowa, weekend trips to the mountain, Drew has flown with them for work, and they never disappoint! 

The goal is this summer during our travels to Florida/Cruise is to fit everything into these two bags, plus a carry on for snacks/entertainment on the plane. Think its doable?!?