Denver Staycation

Last week my oldest kiddo was on spring break. We weren't planning a getaway ( we like to save those for summer for now) but I still wanted him to have a SUPER fun week. Luckily we live in this amazing city with endless things to do! Unfortunately the weather wasn't very cooperative (Mostly 40 ish degrees) so some of the things we wanted to do we put on the back burner till summer break. 

When we were talking about what we should do I had Jasper (almost 9) write down a list of ideas, and then naturally mom stole that list for a blog post. BUT at least I'm giving him credit? 

So here it is from a soon to be 9 year olds perspective. 

Top 10 Activities for a Denver Staycation

  • Visit the Nature and Science Museum. This is one of their favorites (and mine too!) Theres so much to do and see that we always have a membership and it never ever gets old. We usually only have time for 3-4 exhibits, and theres 3 full floors of exhibits, many of them constantly changing. We have had a membership since before Tindra was born (over 4 years!) and I still don't think I've been in every single exhibit. Jasper always insists on going to the space exhibit and then of course the discovery zone, which is a big play area where you can play with water, dig for dinosaur bones, build things, just So much! We could probably spend an entire day JUST in that exhibit alone. 
  • Hit up the Denver Zoo if the weather is nice. Or even if its not, theres some indoor exhibits to wait out the cold. Thats what we did the first day of spring break. We went early when it was only maybe 32 degrees but we did the indoor exhibits first, and by the time we were done inside it was more bearable to be outside. This is another one we always have a membership to. I'd say we go at least once a month, year round. The zoo added a couple play areas in the last couple of years, and I swear my kids get almost more excited about that than seeing the animals. 
  • Go play at the Children's Museum.  This is another one that was recently redone/added to. We loved it before but now it's even more amazing! And huge! We never run out of things to do here either. There is so much for all age groups. Jasper's favorites are the new climbing tunnel (it's intense, 3 stories high!) the cooking classes and the art room where you can even build with clay and have it fired. And Tindra loves painting, playing in the water and bubble rooms. 
  • Have a picnic at your favorite park! Some of our favorites are City Park (thats where we went this time) Washington Park and Centennial Center Park (this one is especially good in the summer once then turn the splash park portion of it on) 
  • Go on a hike! Lair o' the Bear is our favorite kid friendly one. Theres a little river/creek for the kids to play in when its warm and even Tindra can do the whole hike by herself. 
  • Go Swimming! Theres a lot of great indoor pools in the area, our favorites; Schlessman YMCA and the Apex center! 
  • Go tubing in Winter Park. We didn't make it up there this spring break but we did two years ago (last year Soren was just days old during spring break) and it was so much fun. We will definitely do that again next year. 
  • Go to the library. This is one of my kiddos favorites activities. We have so many great libraries in the area, many even have play areas inside so on a super hot day in the summer or a snowy day in the winter you can find us with a pile of books reading, or the big kids playing a game on the computer (they Love to do that) or playing in the play rooms with all the toys we don't have at home, since it's always SO much more fun playing with someone else's toys! 
  • Go to the movies! Another of their favorite indoor activities. 
  • See a play/musical. These kiddos love live shows (who doesn't!) And there are a lot of great kid friendly ones in the area. such as the Lone Tree Arts center, or the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities. 

What are your favorite things to do for a staycation in Your city?