Friday and 12 steps of kindness

Happy Friday! I am so happy it is weekend, my last weekend in forever.. of course not true, but I will work through my next weekend so therefor it feels like it is the last one in.. forever.. Geez, those moments of hours with my family are just so necessary so when I don't get them.. it really ruins me. I get grumpy, feel like the earth is a terrible place to be, like the sun will never shine.. etc. etc. 

See what a sad, grump post this became.. that's just the though of next weekend! Arghh

Anyway. Read this. And then be kind. And appreciate your mom. A side note.. did you click on the link already and read "Why do we always seem to neglect the people who we are closest to?". Its my husbands birthday today. I have not gotten him a gift... yet. Still a few more hours to go. It was my birthday not to long ago and he made me a scavenger hunt and in the end I found my old wedding ring diamond turned in to a necklace. OH I SUCK SO BAD. This poor, beautiful, loving man is married to a grumpy, lazy wife. but I am lost! I don't know what to get a man who does not want anything?