Personality Test

Did you know that you can take a quick online test? You probably knew that..I'm a little slow to the game, but have you actually taken it? Do you know what your personality is? No? Go find out.. I'll wait.

Now that you have taken the test, are you surprised by your result? According to this test I'm an ENFP. Extravert iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving personality. Not going to lie, the Extravert part surprised me, but I'm only 3% more Extravert than Introvert, so I guess I'm borderline and could be classified as an INFP also. Which makes more sense. 

When I was younger I think I was a true ENFP, loved crowds and people, but the older I get (or is it maybe the more children I have? ) I really crave my alone time, and large crowds exhaust me. And my idea of a 'night out' has changed slightly..

In a previous life time a crowded bar and a game of pool would have been a night out. Or perhaps double fisting at the hookah bar? 

Look at that loving (not) look my future husband and baby daddy times 3 is giving me

Look at that loving (not) look my future husband and baby daddy times 3 is giving me

And now a wild night out might mean miniature golfing in the freezing cold with a baby strapped to my body. Oh how the times have changed. And I don't mind it one bit. Because I have changed. I prefer smaller, more intimate gatherings, I would rather have a girls night out with 1-2 friends vs every acquaintance, and quality over quantity has never rang more true.  

What about you? If you have taken this test in the past and now, has it changed? Have you also become more introverted the older you get, or the opposite?