Three Things

I finally got both little ones down (biggest is in school) and I'm itching to blog...but I have a ridiculous amount of housework and editing to 3 quick things!

Yesterday we celebrated 6 years of marriage (just under 12 years together.) Normally after the kids are in bed we celebrate, usually low key, maybe some wine and fancy cheeses, maybe a small gift. But this year we spent it many miles apart. And it was lonelier than I would have thought it was. Even with a house full of kids (Linnea and Walter came over and that helped a TON) as soon as it was quiet and the kids were in bed I definitely through myself a pity part and ate Far too many swedish bullar (cinnamon buns) that we had baked earlier. 

* Drew is in Nicaragua volunteering at an orphanage for 10 days) and I just know its an amazing, unforgettable experience, and I can't wait to hear All about it! 

Second thing. So after the kids were in bed out of boredom and just wanting a SLIGHT change I decided to color my hair...I've done this maybe 3 times in the last decade, and its always turned out fine and barely a difference since I always get a box that says dark brown and...well I already have dark brown hair. But i feel like it makes it look shinier and more even since I sometimes have natural highlights from the sun. Wellllll Drew face time me just as I was finishing up, so in my excited to talk to him I forgot to set a timer to rinse my hair out. And I may have accidentally left the color in for 45 minutes instead of 25 like I was supposed to.... I guess I'll be going as Wednesday Adams for Halloween. 

And third. Even though I already mentioned haven't Truly lived till you have had a swedish Kanel bulle. 

Happy Monday!