Hello friends!

I am Linnéa Geiger and I am usually describing myself as a grumpy immigrant. I was born in Sweden forever ago.. I feel about 100 years old but the old thing is more than an age thing. I have a one-year kid who is killing me. But the moments he is not killing me he is making live worth  living so it breaks even. However, I feel very old, I have since I was 13.

I love to be outside,  eat good, clean food and to wash dirty laundry. I get a bizarre feeling of accomplishment with empty launder bins. I also LOVE a good Margarita and anything that makes me feel more like a hippie. Right now I am a make-my-own-deo kind hippy but not a don’t-vaccinate-my-kid kind of hippie if you know what I mean.

I am married to my own Jay-Z, I call him KC, see that it rhymes if you say it out loud. He is dreamy and perfect and pretty much the only one who who I have loved in a mature way, and in Jan 2015 we got a little teacup pig, not really, but he was about the size and the color. I call him WK. I love WK of all my heart, and the coolest thing with becoming a mom was realizing I am an animal. Instincts strong as a tiger, reflects fast as a cheetah, humor as sophisticated as a monkey.

I hope you will enjoy what I write, I truly suck at writing, spelling and grammar so brace yourself grammar police people..!

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I am also going to introduce Darlene, since she is modest and still has some integrity left and she finds it rather difficult to talk about herself.

Darlene is a supermom. She is not even 30 and already has three kids, all who have clean clothes, brushed teeth and are so well behaved. She is the kind of mom you see and think “HOW DOES SHE DO IT?!” She does do it. Her kids are Jasper, 8. Tindra, 3 years old and Soren almost one.

Darlene sounds like Jolene and it makes me think of sweet country songs, just like a sweet country songs Darlene is married to her high school sweetheart. They even look alike so it is clearly a match made in heaven. Drew, her husband, speaks Swedish which is truly amazing. No one learns that useless of a language if they are not a good good guy who wants to impress his lady.  

Darlene is also an international mix, her dad is Swedish and her mom is American. Darlene has lived everywhere. Sweden, Bali and a handful of places in the US to name a few. She is a champ when it comes to traveling and moving with kids and mixing many cultures in to one happy family.

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