Life Lately

We have had quite the past week and a half full of health scares, 5 doctors appointments in 6 days. Blood work after blood work. 5 days of soccer practices/games/make ups/end of season parties. Starting the packing up our entire house project..just a lot. And the next week or two aren't slowing down at all. We have preschool graduation. Jaspers school concert. Jaspers 'graduation', school party, field trip chaperoning...and I'm sure more that I can't think of right this second. So life is crazy. But what else is new!

But here are a few quick snaps from our last couple of weeks!

This girl is doing gymnastics all day every day. 

This girl is doing gymnastics all day every day. 

Soren wanting to be one of the balls at Tindras soccer game

Soren wanting to be one of the balls at Tindras soccer game

Diva in training. I really don't know who she gets it from. Not her yoga pants loving mothers. 

Diva in training. I really don't know who she gets it from. Not her yoga pants loving mothers. 

Gymnastics Graduation! She got 'promoted' to the next level which she will start next week!

Gymnastics Graduation! She got 'promoted' to the next level which she will start next week!

Swedish school graduation or all three munchkins! 

Swedish school graduation or all three munchkins! 

All three after Swedish School Graduation

All three after Swedish School Graduation

We went out to eat at Park Burger (one of our favorites) after graduation and decided to sit outside on the patio instead of waiting 20 minutes for a got even chillier fast (maybe 45 degrees) but the kids didn't mind at all. Raising Swedish/Colorado kiddos here!

At one of Jaspers many doctor appointments, she loves her big brother So much. 

At one of Jaspers many doctor appointments, she loves her big brother So much. 



Swedish Feta Stuffed Meatballs

Last summer when our Swedish friends where here visiting, Sofie made the best dinners for us. I would be with the kids at soccer practice and walk into a delicious meals waiting for us. After having them here I really started to get the whole Sisterwife thing. I mean, if they are going to make dinner for me on crazy nights..I get it sister wives, I get it. 

When  Jones Creek Beef  asked me share a recipe using their ground beef I thought it was the perfect time to try out one of the delicious meals Sofie made while here.

In Swedish its called biffar, which I guess translate to steak, but when I think of steak I think of something entirely different, so I'm going to call these Swedish Feta Stuffed Meatballs


1 pound Jones Creek Beef

2 table spoons onion powder of 1/2 chopped yellow onion ( I used powder)

1 egg

1/2 cup milk

4-5 tablespoons bread crumbs (add more if it doesn't form well) 

salt/pepper/garlic powder 

feta cheese, I used one small container for the meatballs and the feta sauce I made to serve with it


Mix all the ingredients except the feta together in a large bowl. Then form the meat mixture into large meatballs, they will shrink down some. Once I had the size I wanted them to be I flattened them a bit in my hand so they looked like hamburgers, grabbed a big chunk of feta and pressed it into a meat, then formed a ball around the feta so the feta is in the middle. 

Then stick the meatballs in a pan on medium heat and turn gently every few minutes so they don't fall apart. Mine took about 20 minutes before they were cooked all the way through. 

Serve with a salad, potatoes and a yummy little feta dip which is just feta and sour cream mixed together. So good! The kids even asked for left overs for lunch the next day. 

Travel Tuesday; Luggage Tips

For our late honeymoon Drew and I went to Sweden for just under two weeks. It was an amazing time (I'm definitely going to blog about it sometime!) but some of the things that stand out in my mind were Not amazing. 

Like the fact that we both majorly over packed. And not only did we over pack, we also brought a couple of empty bags to bring some things back from Sweden for Jasper and also from my grandmothers apartment. She had passed away a few months before and my dad had asked me to go to her apartment and get some special things, photo albums, a harp (yes, a harp) some books, just special 'farmor' things. I even found out then that me and farmor (fathers's mother in Swedish) wore the same size shoes! So I found the best boots in her closet that I brought back with me. Those boots are So special to me now. 

Anyway, back to the luggage. So not only did we over pack, we now had all this extra luggage to bring back to first Stockholm from our stay up in Northern Sweden, and then back home. All while taking public transportation everywhere. 

If we would have had good luggage, lugging around 200 pounds of stuff wouldn't have seemed like such a big deal. 

But at least two of the bags we had from the trip were huge army duffle things, square shaped, so super awkward to carry. Especially when they weigh 50 pounds each.. Lets just say Drew was NOT very happy with me every time he had to get those bags (okay with my help, but it was mainly him) onto the train/buss/into our hotel. It wasn't a fun end to our trip to have to get those bags everywhere. 

After that trip we decided 1, we needed amazing luggage, and 2, we need to work on our packing skills. Especially now, traveling around with three little ones also, its a lot of stuff even if we stick with the minimal. 

I'm happy to report that we have mainly stuck with that (except for when we were in Sweden and I needed to bring back an entire suitcase worth of Swedish food and books...yeah he was thrilled to find out he was lugging around 15 pounds of books all over Scandinavia..

Two summers ago Tom Bihn  sent me a couple of bags to review, and holy cow, they are life changing when traveling. I think we need to buy Jasper his own for this summer so he can be in charge of carrying his own stuff from now on now that he's old enough. We got two of these ones, and they can fit SO much stuff, yet still fit as a carry on. From here on out when we fly we are going to try to stick with carry on bags, its just so much easier and quicker, and also encourages us to pack less of course. 

They are handy/comfortable enough that I could even carry both bags easily, and at times I was carrying one bag, and wearing two year old Tindra at the same time. 

We have used those bags dozens of times now, for trips back to Iowa, weekend trips to the mountain, Drew has flown with them for work, and they never disappoint! 

The goal is this summer during our travels to Florida/Cruise is to fit everything into these two bags, plus a carry on for snacks/entertainment on the plane. Think its doable?!? 

Mothers Day!

Happy Monday! The sun is shining after a not so sunny weekend, so I actually mean happy monday. 

I hope all your mammas out there (and step moms, and foster moms, and soon to be moms, and those who are wanting to badly to be a mom but it hasn't happened quite yet) had an amazing weekend and mothers day. We deserve it! 

Time Hop ( I just LOVE that Facebook feature) showed me that yesterday, 8 years ago I was celebrating my first mothers day, which made me hunt down some other old mothers day pictures. I love revisiting past photos and experiences (it's the main reason I've kept up with blogging over the past 7 years) and without it I wouldn't remember half the things we do!

Blogging for me is a little time capsule of our lives, one day I hope my kids will get to read it and see some of their childhood through pictures and their mothers words. 

My first mothers day, I remember it to clearly! It was a gorgeous sunny day, we went and ate on Pearl Street in Boulder and then headed to Estes Park and went on a little hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. 

My first mothers day, I remember it to clearly! It was a gorgeous sunny day, we went and ate on Pearl Street in Boulder and then headed to Estes Park and went on a little hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. 

My second mothers day was in Sweden! While we were living abroad. Drew surprised me with a gorgeous orange purse (you can see the strap in this picture!) and again we ate outside on a patio and wandered around Karlstad. 

My second mothers day was in Sweden! While we were living abroad. Drew surprised me with a gorgeous orange purse (you can see the strap in this picture!) and again we ate outside on a patio and wandered around Karlstad. 

My 3rd Mothers day we started a fun tradition of heading to Wash Park (probably biggest park in Denver) and hanging out in the sun. I usually bring a book to relax a bit, while Drew is on kiddo duty 100 percent. I know some moms like to get away alone on Mothers Day. I want to spend it with my kids, but I also want to have some 'alone' time but with them there. Not an easy thing to accomplish, but Drew does an amazing time on mothers day giving me that, and its the greatest gift.

Another Mothers Day at Wash Park in the sun 

Another Mothers Day at Wash Park in the sun 

My first mothers day as a mother of two! I honestly don't remember a ton from this mothers day. I know we were out to brunch here and that Tindra took a bottle of pumped milk for the first time. It was a big moment. She was only 3 weeks old and so its basically all a blur! I was just in survival mode at that point. It was probably the first time I got dressed in weeks also.

My first mothers day as a mother of two! I honestly don't remember a ton from this mothers day. I know we were out to brunch here and that Tindra took a bottle of pumped milk for the first time. It was a big moment. She was only 3 weeks old and so its basically all a blur! I was just in survival mode at that point. It was probably the first time I got dressed in weeks also.

This mothers day Drew got me that dress (picked it out himself!) and sent me off for a mani/pedi during nap time and then we went and played at the park (I read my new book) and then again out for lunch on a patio. Im sensing a pattern here.. 

This mothers day Drew got me that dress (picked it out himself!) and sent me off for a mani/pedi during nap time and then we went and played at the park (I read my new book) and then again out for lunch on a patio. Im sensing a pattern here.. 

You will notice that my first 5 mothers days were filled with amazing weather and sunshine. Yeah 2013 put a stop to that. The following TWO mothers days it snowed. We did brunch and then some shopping I think. 

Last year is the only mothers day I don't have a picture, of and I'm super bummed about that! Drew worked all night the night before so I was annoyed that there I was taking care of all three kiddos by myself. Probably threw myself a little pity party. But then he came home and we went shopping and to a movie and the day ended up being just fine anyway. 

That brings us to my 9th mothers day! It rained and stormed on Saturday and it was supposed to do the same yesterday, but luckily the storms held out till afternoon! I got to sleep in a little, woke up to flowers and chocolate covered strawberries, and a new starbucks cup with my favorite drink. Its the little things that really made my day! After Sorens morning nap we went jean shopping and then out to eat at my favorite burger place. The sun held out just long enough to eat outside and then the thunder storm came. All in all it was a great day and my littles made me feel so loved. Jasper made me a flower magnet and Tindra a heart at school. Entering the stage where your kids make you your own mothers day gifts? So much fun. 

Cruising With Kids

Have you done it? 

We are super excited to be taking a family cruise this summer. But I'm also a little nervous never having done it with kids! My sister and I went on an Hawaiian cruise the spring break of my Senior year of high school. It was obviously so much fun, but I know cruising with three young children will be a very different experience!

I would LOVE to hear if you have any tips and tricks for a successful cruise vacation with kids! We will be flying to Fort Lauderdale, spending a few days there (my 30th birthday!!) and then hopping onboard with Royal Caribbean .

We will be sailing to Cozumel, Haiti and Jamaica, I have never been do either of those locations and would love to hear tips for there as well! 

I'm a planner and I already have a list going in my phone of everything we will need so please feel free to help me add to that list!

Image from

Image from

Zucchini Lasagna

Last night I made Zucchini Lasagna (for the third time this month!) and changed it up just a tiny bit. It turned out A m a z i n g if I may say so, and since this is my post, I May say so :)

A few friends have asked for the recipe, so if you are one of them, here it is! Warning: It takes kind of a long time to make, but it makes a big pan and its delicious as leftovers!


  • 4 medium/large zucchinis 
  • large can of crushed tomatoes 
  • small can of tomato paste
  • 3-4 garlic cloves
  • large container of fresh mozzarella (about 5-6 cups)
  • 1/3 cup of fresh grated parmesan
  • 1 small container ricotta cheese
  • red pepper flakes, salt, oregano, basil
  • 1 pound of ground beef or ground pork

Start off by slicing your zucchini, I used my mandolin (cheap one from target) on the thickest setting. Some of the slices were thinner than others but that doesn't matter. 

Since zucchini is super watery when you cook it, you are going to want to grill the slices first. Yo could throw them on the grill super easily, or you can do it the slower way on a grill pan like I do. Mainly just because I hate turning the grill on, but if Drew would be one when making this sometime I would just throw them on the grill. Grilling them takes out the extra moisture, then set the slices on some paper towels while you do the rest of the steps to really make sure theres no more moisture. 

While grilling the zucchini slices (2-4 minutes per side) brown your ground beef with a little bit of salt. When the ground beef is just about done push it to the side in your pan (if you use a big one like I do, otherwise you might need to use an extra pan, and who wants More dirty dishes) and sauté your (chopped) garlic for a couple of minutes, then blend it all together, add the tomato past, can of crushed tomatoes and sprinkle just a bit of hot pepper flakes and some oregano and fresh basil. Keep that meat mixture simmering for about 20 minutes while you finish up grilling your zucchini slices. 

Next mix the ricotta, parmesan and an egg together in a bowl. 

When its all ready to go in the oven (375 degrees) layer all your ingredients in a big baking dish, i think the one i use is 9x12. Start off with about 3/4 of a cup of the meat mixture, than add some of the cheese mixture, then zucchini slices and top with some mozzarella, repeat till all your ingredients are used. For me it makes about 3 layers. Save some of the mozzarella to sprinkle on at the end. 

Bake covered in foil for about 35 minutes, then remove the foil, sprinkle on the remaining mozzarella and bake another 8-10 minutes. I like to broil for the last minute or two to get the top a little crispy, but make sure you are standing there watching it during this part!

Serve with a side salad and enjoy! I don't think my kids even realized they were eating zucchini 'noodles' instead of actual pasta.

Jackson Hole, WY

Last summer Drew needed to go to Jackson Hole for work and convinced me to come along and bring the kids. Normally it doesn't take any convincing to get me to want to go on a trip, but school was Just let out for the summer, its a 10 hour drive with three kids, Drew was going to be working most the time etc. etc. But he talked me into it (it wasn't that hard) and I'm SO glad he did. It ended up being an unforgettable trip.

While we were there Drew would work during the day and then at night we would go explore/find somewhere to eat outside. And there were SO many places to eat outside! And they were all super kid friendly.  While Drew was working, the kids and I found different parks/creeks to wade in. I even met some local moms the first day who were really nice and showed me all the great local spots. Everyone in Jackson Hole was really friendly, So much friendlier than here! I wonder why that is? All that natural beauty and fresh air must make you just love life.


Some MUST Do's if you visit Jackson Hole

*Jenny Lake; we stopped here for lunch and a swim. I wish we could have spent an entire day (at least!) here. The water was much warmer than other lakes around because it's more shallow. The views were absolutely incredible.

*Q Roadhouse and Brewing Company; An amazing restaurant that shares a field with an Italian restaurant that the keep stocked with balls/toys for the kids. Get a table outside on the lawn and let the kids play and burn energy while you wait for your dinner! Pure genius. We enjoyed the experience so much we went back the next night to try the Italian place, but it was packed and an hour wait to get a seat outside,  and our kids did Not have that in them

Drive through Grand Teton National Park. 

Make sure you check out Granite Hot Springs, if you go in the winter they have dog sleds that take you there!! Its kind of a drive from Jackson Hole ( i think about 75 minutes?) and its on a bumpy road, but SO worth it! I was thinking it would be too hot for Soren and Drew and I would take turns sitting out with him (and he was too young to even wear sun screen at the time at just under 3 months) but the water felt like a warm bath so I ended up bringing him into the pool in his cloth diaper and onesie for 10-15 minutes. He Loved it also. 


Visit Dornans while driving through the park. They have some shops, gas, and some restaurants, we had the most AMAZING pizza there, with the best view of the Tetons. Afterwards you can walk along the river before getting back in the car. 

I'm sure there is more but these are the things that after almost a year stick out about our visit! Anyone else have any must do Jackson Hole tips? 



My dad was living in Yellowstone so we met half way for an afternoon. 

My dad was living in Yellowstone so we met half way for an afternoon. 

Jenny Lake 

Jenny Lake 

Granite Hot Springs 




Q Road House and Brewing Co

Q Road House and Brewing Co


And now for the winner of the Sandgrens Giveaway! Crystal Drew, congratulations!! I'll be emailing you shortly so look out for an email! 

Friday and 12 steps of kindness

Happy Friday! I am so happy it is weekend, my last weekend in forever.. of course not true, but I will work through my next weekend so therefor it feels like it is the last one in.. forever.. Geez, those moments of hours with my family are just so necessary so when I don't get them.. it really ruins me. I get grumpy, feel like the earth is a terrible place to be, like the sun will never shine.. etc. etc. 

See what a sad, grump post this became.. that's just the though of next weekend! Arghh

Anyway. Read this. And then be kind. And appreciate your mom. A side note.. did you click on the link already and read "Why do we always seem to neglect the people who we are closest to?". Its my husbands birthday today. I have not gotten him a gift... yet. Still a few more hours to go. It was my birthday not to long ago and he made me a scavenger hunt and in the end I found my old wedding ring diamond turned in to a necklace. OH I SUCK SO BAD. This poor, beautiful, loving man is married to a grumpy, lazy wife. but I am lost! I don't know what to get a man who does not want anything?

Pretty Pottery

So this is a random post...BUT have you seen the best Instagram on earth? Tortus Copenhagens videos.. I DID NOT KNOW THAT WATCHING SOMEONE PLAY WITH CLAY COULD BE... so sexy? It really is. I had no idea I liked pottery, men from Denmark or weird music.. but I DO!!

Anyway check it out and tell me that you agree, I know you will. 

To make this post more.. substantial.. here is my favorite potting Etsy stores. 

April Snow brings...?

If you have lived in Colorado in the spring for more than 5 minutes you know we usually get a big blizzard every April. At least we have every year for the past 5-6 years (maybe more but that's as far back as I can remember right now) So I expect it every year. But I'm still somehow always shocked by it. 

We had that big blizzard last weekend. It started Friday night and by late Saturday we had about 10 inches of snow in our yard. Naturally all of our soccer plans (even Swedish school and they NEVER cancel) were canceled and we had a lazy weekend together. The last of many. So we made the best of our snowy weekend with lots of snow play (spring snow is the Best to play in, its not super cold and its nice and thick and fluffy) movies and shopping. We decided to brave the weather (roads were fine) and head to brunch at our favorite place since no way there would be a crowd in a blizzard....WRONG. There was an hour wait for a table. Coloradans are Not afraid of a little snow. Unless your one of the bazillion of  transplants from Texas. They do NOT like to drive in snow I've noticed. But the rest of us don't let a foot of snow stop us from brunch. 

When I realized friday morning that we were going to get snow that night (yeah I don't pay attention to the weather apparently) I decided I NEEDED to take some pictures of Tindra in front of our cherry blossom before they snow ruined the bloom...good thing I did because we lost 4 HUGE branches to the storm and of course, the beautiful flowers. 

And yes, that's my 3 year old (okay 4 year old now since these were taken!) wearing a flower girl dress. Mom insisted on taking pictures, she insisted on wearing her old flower girl dress. It was either this dress or an Elsa dress so we will call it a win. 



Oh and DONT forget to enter our amazing giveaway!  It ends tomorrow night! 

Toddler food - Egg and veggies muffins

Just like cloth diapers, making my kiddos lunch boxes started with an intense passion. Unfortunately for both of us, the lunchbox passion is starting to wear off... fast. 

My kiddo eats most things and I try HARD not to give him processed sugary food. But it is hard with a kid who loves anything and everything with carbs. And with carbs I mean bread. 

Do you have any good advice-suggestions on what a toddler enjoys eating?
These are the the guidelines I try to stick with:

  • Finger food. 
  • Store well in the fridge.
  • Is excluding ingredients like sugar and processed food as much as possible. 

Help a toddler in need!

In exchange for suggestions I will give you our all time fave. I will give you three reasons why this is the best:

  • My kiddo loves them
  • They are packed with protein and veggies
  • They store well in the fridge

Win Win Win!

I usually shred veggies in our food processor and use about three cups of veggies like broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, you name it. Then I use about a ton (4-5) of eggs, maybe a half a cup of almond flower to make it a bit better consistency if it is too wet, oh and don't forget! Shredded cheese! I use quite a bit as WK loves it.. then, in the oven for about 10 min on 400F. 


This is another topic Linnea came up with for me to blog about. What chores do the kids do and what age did they start.

I grew up doing chores, but maybe not enough since I don't have many memories of it? Maybe my mom can chime in and let me know what we did..

Jasper is almost 9 and for the past 2 years or so he's had specific regular jobs. For instance every day he unloads the dishwasher and feeds and gives his dog water. And on the weekends he cleans up the dog poop in the yard. Super glamorous job. During the summer I'll add another daily job to keep him 'busy', like sweep the kitchen. Those are his regular jobs. But he also does extra things on the weekends when we are all cleaning. Like clean the 'boys bathroom' downstairs. He actually does a really good job with that. He is also in charge of cleaning his own room, bringing his laundry into the laundry room and putting his shirts on a hanger. (The rest I fold but he puts away.) 

He Does get a weekly allowance, but he knows he's not getting 'paid' for the chores, thats just his job as a member of the family who lives here. 

Tindra is 3 (4 next week!!) and doesn't have specific chores just yet except for cleaning up her toys/helping clean the playroom. She loves to wipe down the table/counters when I'm cleaning and cooking, but I'm thinking it's time for her to start having some specific jobs to do as well.

I pulled some friends and asked what chores their kiddos did...and now I'm thinking it's time to start making these kids pull their weights more! They all gave some great suggestions for age appropriate chores for me to share.

Ages 3-4

  • Help Load Dishwasher 
  • Help Unload dishwasher
  • Wipe down tables/counters
  • Clean up toys
  • Feed animals
  • Dust

Ages 5-7

  • Yard work
  • Clean own room
  • Clean Play Room
  • Fold and put clothes away
  • Vacuum 
  • Make bed


  • Everything on the previous lists plus...
  • Wash own laundry
  • Take out trash
  • Clean bathrooms/kitchen 
  • Watch/entertain siblings while mom makes dinner/takes a shower

What about you guys? Do your kids have chores? I think I need to get more organized and write a clear chore list for the kids to do, definitely be summer! 




Margarita recipe with limes and no added sugar

Fridaaaaay! Best day of the week, so many hopes, so much time. I feel like Fridays are like going on vacation. 

I love Margaritas, LOVE, but I do not love the ones you get in most restaurants. Often made with a mixer of some kinds, they are packed with sugar and makes you feel sick. I often ask for the “Skinny Margs” which I am not a fan of because the name, skinny, sucks.

Anyway, here is my recipe, I make these at least once a day… kid kid, once a week.

  • One lime per person.
  • A shot of tequila per person.
  • Soda water.

That’s it. And it is amazing. Everything simple and quick is amazing. If you want it sweet, add some honey, or mango pure and you have a Mango Marg!

Have a great weekend!

Denver Staycation

Last week my oldest kiddo was on spring break. We weren't planning a getaway ( we like to save those for summer for now) but I still wanted him to have a SUPER fun week. Luckily we live in this amazing city with endless things to do! Unfortunately the weather wasn't very cooperative (Mostly 40 ish degrees) so some of the things we wanted to do we put on the back burner till summer break. 

When we were talking about what we should do I had Jasper (almost 9) write down a list of ideas, and then naturally mom stole that list for a blog post. BUT at least I'm giving him credit? 

So here it is from a soon to be 9 year olds perspective. 

Top 10 Activities for a Denver Staycation

  • Visit the Nature and Science Museum. This is one of their favorites (and mine too!) Theres so much to do and see that we always have a membership and it never ever gets old. We usually only have time for 3-4 exhibits, and theres 3 full floors of exhibits, many of them constantly changing. We have had a membership since before Tindra was born (over 4 years!) and I still don't think I've been in every single exhibit. Jasper always insists on going to the space exhibit and then of course the discovery zone, which is a big play area where you can play with water, dig for dinosaur bones, build things, just So much! We could probably spend an entire day JUST in that exhibit alone. 
  • Hit up the Denver Zoo if the weather is nice. Or even if its not, theres some indoor exhibits to wait out the cold. Thats what we did the first day of spring break. We went early when it was only maybe 32 degrees but we did the indoor exhibits first, and by the time we were done inside it was more bearable to be outside. This is another one we always have a membership to. I'd say we go at least once a month, year round. The zoo added a couple play areas in the last couple of years, and I swear my kids get almost more excited about that than seeing the animals. 
  • Go play at the Children's Museum.  This is another one that was recently redone/added to. We loved it before but now it's even more amazing! And huge! We never run out of things to do here either. There is so much for all age groups. Jasper's favorites are the new climbing tunnel (it's intense, 3 stories high!) the cooking classes and the art room where you can even build with clay and have it fired. And Tindra loves painting, playing in the water and bubble rooms. 
  • Have a picnic at your favorite park! Some of our favorites are City Park (thats where we went this time) Washington Park and Centennial Center Park (this one is especially good in the summer once then turn the splash park portion of it on) 
  • Go on a hike! Lair o' the Bear is our favorite kid friendly one. Theres a little river/creek for the kids to play in when its warm and even Tindra can do the whole hike by herself. 
  • Go Swimming! Theres a lot of great indoor pools in the area, our favorites; Schlessman YMCA and the Apex center! 
  • Go tubing in Winter Park. We didn't make it up there this spring break but we did two years ago (last year Soren was just days old during spring break) and it was so much fun. We will definitely do that again next year. 
  • Go to the library. This is one of my kiddos favorites activities. We have so many great libraries in the area, many even have play areas inside so on a super hot day in the summer or a snowy day in the winter you can find us with a pile of books reading, or the big kids playing a game on the computer (they Love to do that) or playing in the play rooms with all the toys we don't have at home, since it's always SO much more fun playing with someone else's toys! 
  • Go to the movies! Another of their favorite indoor activities. 
  • See a play/musical. These kiddos love live shows (who doesn't!) And there are a lot of great kid friendly ones in the area. such as the Lone Tree Arts center, or the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities. 

What are your favorite things to do for a staycation in Your city? 

We tried..

We gave it our all.. but taking pictures with kids is pretty much impossible. Darlene should know, she takes pictures of kids and families for a living. 

Hi! This is us.. welcome! It feels more personable now when you know who we are. Have your read out ABOUT US page. Do, and leave us a comment on who you are, we would love to get to know you! 

We should also mention that we are missing two kids in this picture, two partners, and three dogs. PUH!

Mediterranean Chicken Salad

Linnea shared one of her favorite salads a couple of weeks ago, and now it's my turn to share one of my favorite salads!

Drew and I started making this salad 4-5 years ago when we lived in the tiiiiiniest house ever, but had the biggest grill ever. So we utilized that grill a lot. We stopped making it for a while (probably because when I get obsessed with someone I make it a Lot..and then I get sick of it and never want it again) but I was craving some grilled chicken a few days ago and decided to go the healthier route and throw it on a salad. 

Mediterranean Chicken Salad 

Mediterranean Chicken Salad 


  • Chicken breasts
  • Sun dried tomato dressing
  • Oregano
  • Romain lettuce
  • Black Olives
  • Feta Cheese
  • Red Peppers

First marinate the chicken in the dressing with some oregano (this time I also added some paprika and hot pepper flakes and it was a great addition) 

Next, throw the chicken and red peppers on the grill. 

While thats grilling, chop up your lettuce and black olives. When the chicken and peppers are finished, throw it on the salad, add a tiny bit of dressing (you don't need much at all) and sprinkle some (okay a lot) of feta on it. 

We like to make it with asparagus (just in a little olive oil with salt and pepper.)

Thats it! Super simple, and delicious. Even all of our kiddos love it. I always make extra chicken and then the next day throw it in a quesadilla for dinner.