Copper Mountain

I realized I never blogged on here about our visit to Copper last year! ( I did on my other blog but I’m phasing that one out now after a decade!) and need to before we go up again hopefully this summer!

We went up for Jaspers 11th birthday and it was THE best way to celebrate a birthday! Thinking we have to do it again this year!

It ended up being a cold overcast day, even rained on and off, but that didn’t matter! In some ways it made it even better because we basically had the place to ourselves most of the day!

I love that the whole place was super family friendly and there was literally something for every kiddo to enjoy, all ages! Tindra is hoping she’s old enough/big enough for the zip line this year!

We can’t decide if the coaster or the ninja cube thing were the funnest, or the go cart…you get the picture! Too much fun to pick a favorite activity! If you are in the area this definitely needs to be on your Colorado Bucket List!

Birch Aquarium, San Diego

I need to blog about our San Diego spring break trip, but first off I wanted to tell you about our morning at the Birch Aquarium!

We chose the chilliest morning during our trip to go there and it ended up being the perfect way to spend a cool morning. We Love visiting aquariums, theres just something so magical about the water isn’t it? Besides all the cool water exhibits, they also had fun hands on activities for the kids! Indoor and out! That was definitely the kiddos favorite part.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 4.44.47 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 4.45.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 4.46.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 4.46.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 4.48.25 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 4.47.12 PM.png

Another favorite thing about the Birch aquarium, the views! Its up on a hill and has the Best views! I could have sat out there for hours!

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 4.48.06 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 4.45.53 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 4.46.09 PM.png

If you are in the area I highly highly recommend Birch Aquarium for kids (and adults!) of all ages! Thanks for having us Birch Aquarium!


This was our 4th mini trip to Vail (third with kids) and its quickly become one of our favorite long weekend getaways!


We were hoping to bring our bikes, but the forecast showed a lot of snow so we decided to skip it, and snow we got! Which ended up being perfect and So cozy!


Our kids are such little fish that if water is available to them, they just want to swim. Doesnt matter what the temperature is. And with the perfectly cozy, heated outdoor pool my kids would have been thrilled if we never left the hotel! But every time we go to Vail we Have to make the drive to Glenwood Springs for the day (one of my favorite towns ever) to soak in the hot springs.


Is there Anything cozier then swimming in a heated pool while its snowing, next to a fire going? I think not! (oh and we had hot chocolate waiting for us when we got out too, which took it to a whole other level of coziness if you ask our kids!)


The day we went to Glenwood was the sunnies day of our whole trip, which was perfect. Sunshine, cool crisp mountain air plus hot springs are basically my favorite things ever. Add in THE best burger place in the world (seriously, I would drive the 3.5 hours just to eat there, and its like our 5th-6th time going since we discovered it a few years ago. It Never disappoints. They have a whole dipping sauce menu! I mean, Sold right there!

Write here…

Someone was a Little tired..

Someone was a Little tired..


Every time we go to Glenwood Springs, we go the hot springs for a few hours in the morning, dry up then walk across the bridge and eat at Grind, have a long lunch, walk around the shops, maybe (okay always) get some ice cream then back to the hot springs. Seriously makes for such an amazing day!


I had THE most amazing afternoon one of the days we were there with a facial, and hanging in the sauna/steam room. If you are in Vail, make sure you check out Aria Spa, its fantastic!


Basically the perfect weekend long weekend in Vail! We didn’t do a a ton besides swim, lounge in the hot tub, walk around town, eat at some delicious restaurants, basically all of my favorite things. PS Aren’t these backpacks that Egg Kids sent us? They are the perfect weekend getaway bags!

Cant wait for our next Mountain getaway! Any one with fun spring break plans? We are always last minute, and in the middle of planning ours right now! Cant believe its less then a month away!


PS I’ll be blogging about these amazing bags soon! I was sent the purple one years ago (and blogged about it on my old blog) and was sent this little black one recently and so in love with both! The purple one has seen a lot of trips, and has held up perfectly after all these years!

Iceland Day 2

I’m always having people ask me about my Iceland trip so its time to finish these posts! You can read about day one Here

So Day two. We had a late night Day 1 seeing the northern lights, I think we got back to our airbnb apartment at like 2- 2:30 AM, and we had to be up early to head on our next adventure. But turns out 4 hours is plenty of sleep when you are in FREAKIN ICELAND!

So our next adventure was horse back riding! On Icelandic ponies!! I can’t say enough about this experience. If you even like horses a TINY bit, this needs to be on your list.

The company we went with was great. They came and picked us up, and provided all the gear. And you want their gear. It rained a little bit and hailed for a few minutes, but even being out in that for 2.5 ish hours I felt (mostly) completely warm in their gear. They even provided boots! Our horses took us out on an old lava field, and just amazing views and sight seeing. All on top of the prettiest horses ever. Mine was a little bit ornery and decided he didn’t want to stay on the paths, but it all worked out amazing. One day I’m totally taking Tindra here for a girls trip so we can go horse back riding together!


After we were done riding we got to go inside and have hot chocolate/coffee while we waited for our drivers to take us back to the city (maybe a 20 minute ride?)


After we got back we walked around Reyjavik for a while looking for somewhere to eat, and then had some delicious burgers at a bar before heading back for a little nap/rest time before we walked around some more and had a delicious pizza/pasta dinner at Jamie Olivers. Yeah who knew, he apparently has a restaurant in Iceland! And that wraps up our 2nd day in Iceland!


3 weeks in Carolina

And oh was it magical!

My mom flew out here for Tindra's dance recital, and then two days later we hit the road for North Carolina. Yes, we drove from Denver to the coast of NC (and spoiler alert I made the drive back solo.) 

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 10.44.04 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 10.43.41 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 10.35.23 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 4.53.24 PM.png

We drove 15 hours the first day, which we lost an hour due to time change plus all the stops it was more like 17-18, so yeah that was a loooooong day. But since our first day was so long, we only had 6 hours to our first stop the following day, which was my aunt and uncles in Asheville. We made it in time to go swimming in their pond, which made up for torturing the kids with all that driving.

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 12.27.39 PM.png

In Asheville we had so much fun swimming at the pond, catching salamanders with our bare hands (okay just Tindra and Soren did that, over and over and over again) and just being outside in the beautiful green smokey mountains. 


Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 4.53.33 PM.png

After Asheville we headed to Jacksonville where my brother/sis in law/nephew and mom live. We spent the next week having So much fun at the beach. Kids Love being around their cousins, like think its the best thing ever. I hope that never changes! 

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 4.54.58 PM.png

After we left Jacksonville we made our way to Charlotte where my sister and her family and aunts and uncles live. Again more cousin and family time, the kids were in pure heaven. My aunt and uncle have a pool in their back yard so the kids basically grew gills and became fish. Soren even swam by himself by the end of the trip! I think they spent more time in the water than out of it during the trip, and maybe more time underwater holding their breath. It definitely made for an easy ish (ha, i say that now) 22 hour drive home, because they were all exhausted from 3 weeks of swimming daily. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 12.27.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 4.54.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 10.34.49 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 4.54.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 10.34.02 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 10.34.19 AM.png

Not only did my kids get to spend time with cousins (and aunts/uncles/great aunts and uncles, and grammy) but I got to spend time with some of My cousins and their kids, so the kids had an amazing time with their third cousins also! Cant wait to do it again next summer! 

Iceland, Day 1

Where do I even start with this post? It will probably need to be broken into a couple of different posts or it will turn into a novel. 

Last year I got the idea that I just Had to go back to Iceland (last time we only stayed for a lay over with enough time to go to the Blue Lagoon and back to the airport. My childhood friends from Sweden and I had been talking about doing a girls trip for our 30th birthday...but we all had babies, and then they had babies again so it naturally got delayed. So when I approached them last summer ish about Iceland, they were on board immediately. 

Logistics; getting to Iceland from Colorado is SO easy. Quick direct 7 ish hour flight (little less than 7 on way there, little more than 7 on way home) And relatively cheap also if you book ahead of time. Maybe depending on season also, but I booked in November for our April trip and spent just over $500 with insurance for round trip flight with Iceland air. I've paid 3 times that for flights to Europe, so pretty dang good deal i think!

We stayed in an air bnb that was downtown for also a really good price!

But thats about where the 'good prices' stop for Iceland, just so you are aware. I was, but I still had sticker shock. Towards the end of the trip we had grown accustomed to the high prices when we shared 2 pizzas and had one drink each and thought the 35$/person meal was a pretty good deal. Or the time we shared a container of french fries with two dipping sauces (really good btw) and 3 cans of soda 28$ and thought whoa steal! So really just be prepared so you aren't shocked!

Okay back to the fun stuff..what we did in ICELAND

Because of when the planes left from Sweden and Denver, Sofie and Jessica (from Sweden) arrived Sunday evening and I arrived Super early Monday morning. Like 6;15 AM, which was midnight Colorado time and i didn't sleep on the plane except for like 25 minutes in the beginning so I was expecting to be crazy tired...but besides a little afternoon nap I didn't sleep till 3AM iceland time 9 PM monday night in CO and I hadn't slept since Saturday night. But I never felt tired! I guess it was an 'I'm in ICELAND high' 

Anyway when I arrived in Iceland I got my luggage (which there was a scare with didn't come out with everyone else's luggage but they found in 30 minutes later) and then I went and grabbed this flat looking croissant thing with ham and cheese (amazing BTW) and waited for my 7:30 bus to take me to the Blue Lagoon  (where Jessica and Sofie were waiting for me) *Tip, make sure you prebook your blue lagoon visit! We got the package that came with a robe and it was Definitely worth having that! 

The blue lagoon is just magical. There aren't words to describe it, and pictures don't come Close to doing it justice. It was cold and windy out that morning, super windy, but the water was nice and warm. I think they keep it around 101-102 I think? so it was nice in the water. Plus they have a sauna and steam room (that feels like its in a cave) so we kept going in there when new got cold also. And definitely do the face masks they have available! Your skin will thank you. *Another tip, make SURE you use the conditioner to heavily condition your hair before getting in the water. I didn't do that the first time and I regretted it for days. 

After we left the Blue lagoon (bus takes you back to town) we left my bags and went to find lunch. We ended up having a yummy meat soup and fresh bread which was Super delicious on a cold day. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 2.33.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 2.33.46 PM.png

After lunch we walked around some then went back to take a nap. At this point it was like 9AM in colorado and I hadn't yet slept for the night, so a quick nap was needed! Quick nap turned into like 2 hours but again, needed because next (after a delicious dinner where the pizza I ordered came with a raspberry sauce!) we were headed out to try to find the Northern Lights!

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 6.18.46 PM.png

To see the Northern Lights you really need to come in the winter, and by the time we came it was the very end of the season so unfortunately we only caught a slight glimmer of them, but it was still a really cool (literally and figuratively) experience! Now I need to go back in the winter so I can Really see them! 

That wraps up my first 24 hours in Iceland! 

GIVEAWAY : Big Bounce America

Okay I'm Really excited about this giveaway guys! And super excited to take my family as a Summer kick off on the last day of school! How's that for a 'schools out for the summer celebration!' Beats the ice cream and park we normally do by Miles!

Okay now for the fun details, if you have seen these videos of Big Bounce America trending on Facebook then I know you are going to want to go also! I've been seeing them forever, and as soon as I found out they were coming to Denver I may have screeched in excitement a little bit. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 9.01.10 AM.png

The Big Bounce America is definitely not your average bounce house. Kids and grown ups of all ages are invited to get big-air on the basketball court, compete against one another on an obstacle course, and plummet from a giant slide into a massive ball pit outside the main structure.Sounds amazing right?  On top of that theres also  a professional DJ,  at the center of the bounce house, spins a carefully curated soundtrack with nightclub-quality sound, lights and even blasts of confetti. The Big Bounce America is more than just a bounce house, it's a bouncing festival for all ages; shoes off, party on!

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 9.00.16 AM.png

In addition to the record-breaking main bounce house, you will find Bounce Village which features additional bounce structures, including a four-piece inflatable obstacle course, a giant ball pit, a massive slide, and a separate bounce house for the little bouncers. Bounce Village adds 10,000 square feet to The Big Bounce America, bringing the grand total to 20,000 square feet of inflatable fun!

The world’s biggest bounce house ever assembled is making its way across the  country through November of 2018, visiting 29 states and 59 major cities. Featuring  10,000 square feet of inflatable elation, The Big Bounce America is the most  memorable, exciting experience of the year! Sure, kids will fall in love with the giant candy colored structure, but the adult-only night sessions are what make this event so special. How fun would the adults only session be if you don't have kiddos to bring along? Or make it a date night, you don't even need to tell the kids ;) 


Okay now for the Really exciting part!Big bounce America is  giving away TWO sets of FOUR tickets to one of YOU! And you don't even need to be local to enter, because they are traveling the country! Just some of the other cities they will be in this year : Raleigh NC, Washington DC, Salt Lake City, UH, Multiple cities in California, New York...and so many more! Check it out here and see if Big Bounce America is coming to your city! 

Alright, to enter, just leave a comment here below with what city you would love to win tickets to (with your name)! That simple, for other ways to enter, go on over to Facebook and enter there as well And instagram to increase your chances! I'll have my non partial 3 year old select TWO winners on Tuesday! 

*Thanks Big Bounce America for the tickets for my family and the ones to give away to you guys! 

Camping with Kids

Okay we are far far FAR from camping experts, but we have been going up to camp in the mountains for like 7 ish years now? And we recently completed our first 5 day/night camping trip, so I feel a little bit more like a 'real' camper now!

First off, What to Pack


Family Camping Checklist 

  • Tent
  • Air mattress and pump or cots 
  • Sleeping bags for everyone
  • Pack n Play if you have a baby/toddler (Soren slept in his pack n play amazingly well) 
  • Sheet/blankets/pillows
  • tarp for under tent
  • extra stakes
  • hammer
  • chairs
  • lanter
  • headlamp
  • chairs
  • table cloth
  • clothes pin
  • portable grill
  • charcoal
  • lighter fluid/matches
  • pot
  • pan
  • dutch oven
  • french press (hot coffee after a cold night of sleeping is bliss)
  • large bucket to wash dishes in
  • cups/plates/silverware
  • knife/spatula/cutting board
  • dish soap/rag
  • aluminum foil/food containers
  • paper towels
  • plastic bags
  • Towels for showers/swimming- we brought one large towel per person
  • first aid kit
  • ziplock bags
  • dust pan/brush (this is something we didn't pack but now its on our list after wishing we had one
  • Mat for outside of tent (again something we wish we would have had to keep dirt outside of the tent 

Some other things we brought that aren't necessary but for us helped

  • Small fan- it got hot during the day and it made napping for Soren a lot easier
  • Ipads for white noise while we slept, the kids all slept in till around 6:45-7 Each day which was 8 colorado time so i was Super impressed with that
  • Lawn games! Yahtzee
  • Sand toys
  • Soccer ball/frisbee/football

Okay now for the fun part, FOOD!

I was most excited about the food for our spring break camping trip. There's something about cooking outside thats exciting after cooking meal after meal in my kitchen. A nice change up!

If you are going somewhere without convenient access to grocery stores (like we did) you will want to bring everything with you, which means you have to MEAL PLAN. I planned out every meal, breakfast lunch and dinner for when we were gone. Left out an lunch because I knew the day we made a day trip to Lake Havasu that we would eat out, plus brought snacks. And yes we definitely had food left over, but thats okay. Better than running out! Heres some of the things we made

Breakfasts while camping

  • Cinnamon roll on a stick
  • Hot ham and cheese croissants
  • dutch baby
  • eggs on english muffins
  • muffins
  • Yogurt with granola 

Lunches while camping

  • PBJ sandwiches
  • Egg salad sandwiches (i made the egg salad before hand)
  • Hot ham and cheese sandwiches
  • pasta salad (made it ahead of time

Diners while camping 

  • Hot dogs with instant mashed potatoes (super easy and it was better than i thought!
  • Burgers
  • nachos (these were So good, I made the meat the day before we left so this was our first dinner while camping and it was Amazing) 
  • Pasta 
  • Really the opportunities are endless, but this is just what we had!

Other food items 

  • Chips
  • pretzels
  • fruit
  • granola bars
  • Stuff for s'mores
  • Condiments 

Something extra we brought that our kids never really have is kool aid, the kind in a little bottle we can squirt into water. It made it really 'fun' for them since its so rare, and they had to drink a whole 20 oz bottle of water first before the next bottle we made a juice, so it kept them nice and hydrated which was important in the desert. 


Okay thats all I can think of right now, let me know if you have any questions about camping with kids, or any tips for Me! Cant wait to schedule another camping trip! 

Recipe: Stove Top Lasagna


Originally posted on my old blog in 2013! I've made this more than a dozen times and its always a hit with all the kids. 

A few weeks ago this recipe showed up in my weekly emeal recipe, and it's since become a family favorite. And since it was delicious (and easy) enough to be made three times in 3-4 weeks, it was time to take some quick pics and blog it! Make this. You will not regret it!

This makes a lot, feeds our family of four a huge dinner, with plenty of leftovers (we had it again today for lunch and I'm definitely eating it again for dinner) 


olive oil

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 1/2 pounds ground beef

2 table spoons italian seasoning

28 oz can of tomatoes

15 can tomato (pasta) sauce


15 oz ricotta cheese

12 oz package of whole wheat lasagna noodles, broken 

2 cups shredded italian cheese (I used sharp cheddar instead)

So it says to use a dutch oven for this, but I don't have one yet (hint for a Christmas gift Drew) so I just used a large pot with a lid and it worked perfectly. 

In large pot (or dutch oven) heat your olive oil (2-3 tablespoons) and your garlic and ground beef and Italian seasoning. When it's no longer pink add your shredded cheese. 


After cheese has melted a tiny bit (less than a minute) add your broken lasagna noodles to the top of the meat/cheese, and then add your tomatoes, sauce basil and 1/2 a cup of water. Bring it all to a boil, than let it simmer till your noodles are done (about 20 minutes) stirring once in a while. 


Lastly, add your ricotta cheese to the top, stir it in gently, cover and let melt for another two minutes or so, sprinkle with a bit of basil and enjoy! 



I've only made lasagna once or twice before this, in the oven the 'regular' way and I was never impressed. In fact I've never been a huge lasagna fan, it was my least favorite of all pasta dishes, but this? This recipe has made me change my mind about lasagna!

Travel Bucketlist

I can't be the only one with major wanderlust, especially as its cold and Not snowy? I love winter and snow, but just cold and no snow just bums me out. 

So naturally I'm thinking of where ELSE we can be. I've had a mental bucket list forever, but I decided its time to put it down. Something about putting your goals and dreams out for the universe and they are more likely to happen? Is that a thing. Lets roll with it. 

(I should say theres really nowhere I Don't want to go, these are just currently further at the top of my list, but I want to see everything and everywhere!) 

North America

Prince Edward Island; I've always wanted to go since being in love with Anne of Green Gables way back in the way

San Diego

Oregon Coast

Forks Washington; Oh yes, you know why

Redwood Forest



(Ive got a separate Colorado bucket list I'll share separately)








Sweden (always on the list even if I go a million times) 

Iceland (only spent 1 day there, getting ready to cross this one off the list!!) 

The UK

South America


Costa Rica










Back to Indonesia haven't been since I was a child

Back to Thailand




South Africa







I'm sure I've left off so much on this list....its overwhelming how much I want to see! Don't we all just wish we could be the Bucketlist Family and travel full time?!? 

Whats at the top of Your bucket list? 

A boy and his dog

Jasper has had Remi (Remington) since he was 11 months old. And Jasper turns 11 in August. ELEVEN!

I'll never forget when we went to get Remi. After doing research we had decided on Colorado Puppy Rescue , we knew we wanted to adopt but we didn't want to risk an older dog that maybe didn't like kids, and one that could 'grow up' with Jasper. They used to hold their adoptions at a local petco (not sure if thats still the case?) and all the puppies stayed with foster homes till the event. A few days before the event they put their puppies online, and as soon as we saw him we just knew he had to come home with us! So we got there before the event started, put our names on the list and said which puppy we were interested in. We were number two  on the list so I got nervous that the other lady wanted Remi too, but luckily she had her sights on an adorable spaniel pup, which was our number two choice. 

They had big pens set up in the store for people to go in and sit with the pups, and Remi was cowering in the corner, absolutely terrified. We went in and sat down, and as soon as Jasper waddled over to him he started wagging his tail, still scared, but climbed into our laps for Jasper to pet him. It was love at first sight for the two of them. 


When we got him home, he wouldn't walk, we almost thought something was wrong with him, but if we left the room he would run and hide behind the couch (where he could Barely fit) so we knew he Could walk, he just wouldn't. I had to carry him outside to pee, set him down and then carry him back inside. We couldn't go on walks because he literally would just stand there/sit there, so we would do walks with him and Jasper in the wagon together. It took him weeks to warm up to us all, but he's spent the last 10 years being Jaspers BFF. He waits for him by the door when he's gone. At our 'new' house we have a window seat, he lays up there with his face pressed against the window watching for his boy to come home. If Jasper goes outside to shoot hoops, Remi pushes the door open himself to get out there also. It's heartbreaking to think that one day he won't be here with Jasper. But we sure are grateful that he's here now. 


Christmas 2017

Sometimes I think, who wants to read these kinds of posts. Probably no one. BUT I started blogging for myself, and I love love looking back to old posts and remember what we did, so I need to do a better job at this! Jasper got a baby book, and an almost daily blog. Tindra got half baby book and a semi frequently blog...Soren gets a page filled out in a baby book and sporadic blogs to look back on...sorry third child. 

Christmas of course came and went all too quickly. 

Christmas eve I had signed up to volunteer for one of the church services with the kiddos, so I had to be at church at like 2:30 and the rest of the gang came after 5. The service was of course Amazing. Really really amazing. 

Drew had invited a friend to come to church with us, so I left to take the kids home, and his friends car didn't start so they spent quite a while dealing with that so Drew wasn't home in time to put kiddos to bed. So by the time he came home kids were in bed and I was playing Santa. 

The kids first woke up at like 4:45 (every year Jasper sleeps in Tindras room on Christmas eve, maybe next year Soren will join them as well!) and after I told them Santa might not have come yet and they needed to go to sleep right away they did and woke up again around 6:15. Much more manageable hour to start the day!

*Side note- does Santa wrap presents at your house or leave them? Here he doesn't wrap, and they are assembled and ready to go*

So kids came down, saw what Santa had brought (light up sketchers, an emoji pillow and a 'tricks' scooter for Jasper, a mini trampoline, the same sketchers, and a fire truck for Soren (who only asked for a fire truck, 'his own lipstick' and a pacifier for Christmas) and a big kid bike, barbie car and art isle for Tindra) and opened their stockings, while I got made coffee and breakfast. We do monkey bread and bacon every year! 

After we ate we spent all morning opening presents and putting together new toys. I remember the first Christmas we didn't get 'toys' to play with, because we weren't playing with toys anymore, and remember thinking what are we supposed to do all morning now? And how big of a change it was. Jasper is already starting to approach that, and I'm So dreading the day when no one wants to play with toys anymore! 

Some of the kids favorite gifts- Jasper it was all the santa stuff (he really really wanted those things and it was the only things he asked for) plus a picture frame Tindra made him at school with a picture of her, he said over and over how special it was, and a digital picture I had made of Remi. Tindra loved her bike the most plus her mermaid tail blanket thing. And soren..well he loved it all and didn't want to stop playing with any of it!

Drew surprised me with a huge mirror that I've been wanting forever! Soren got me a beautiful Swedish pillow and Jasper...oh jaspers gift made me ugly cry. He had been working on it in private for months! Which is hard to do in this crazy house. He got a board and took pictures of me and scanned them with the printer (i didn't even know how to do this and have no idea how He figured out how to dot hat) and taped them on a board, along with a list of things he loves about me...sweetest boy ever? He just might be. He also got me a great pair of shoes (with the help of his dad) Last year after hearing the song 'Christmas shoes' he took a pair of my shoes and traced it so he he would know my shoe size, and picked me out a pair of shoes. Such a giver that one. 

After naps Drews parents came and I got started on dinner (swedish julbord!) and later his brother and sister in law joined us. 

We didn't have any snow, but thats the only thing that can make Christmas even better! Sledding/playing in the of these years we will have another white Christmas! 

Dillon, CO Ice Castle

As soon as I saw that the Ice Castle was coming to Colorado I May have squealed like a 5 year old girl..just maybe. We have plans to go up soon and make a weekend out of it and I'm SO excited! Ive wanted to visit the Ice Hotel in Sweden for years, so this will do till I can make it over there in the winter!





Heres a little info about the Colorado ice castle!


WHAT: Elaborate, acre-sized castle in Dillon, CO made entirely from ice. One of four Ice Castles in the United States.
WHERE: Dillon, CO
WHEN: Tickets On Sale Now!
VISUALS: -- Amazing ice formations including icicle-dripped archways, canyons, caverns, and ice-carved tunnels.

-- Attraction includes an interactive winter playground with ice slides, thrones, fountains, and maze-like passages.
-- Kids and families can zip down ice slides, crawl through tunnels, and explore different icy rooms in the stunning Narnia-like wonderland.
-- Experience the natural brilliant blue tones of the ice during the day, or see ever-changing, colorful LED-lights embedded in the ice twinkle to music at night. Built by hand and made from more than 20,000,000 pounds of ice, the Ice Castles in Dillon, CO are pure, unforgettable family fun!


Find all of the details for your visit:

And now for some exciting news for you!
My readers get to save off admission! Fun and Unique experience with your family at Amazing Ice Castles! Save 15% off tickets using promo code "happykids"



Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 8.11.39 AM.png

Stockholm, Sweden with kids

This post has been half written in my drafts forever! And I've recently had a few people asking for Stockholm tips so here it is!

When to GO

Definitely summer. Fall is cool and rainy, winter dark and cold, spring still not quite warm, so summer is definitely best! The whole 'sun doesn't set' in the summer thing is pretty magical as well. But be aware that a lot of businesses close down in parts of july because everyone goes on vacation. 

Where to Stay

This last trip we stayed at two different hotels, one on the first part of our trip, and one on the end. Both were amazing!

J Hotel  was probably the favorite. Its a bit out of the city, right on the water and SO freaking gorgeous. Its a bit more remote, but the main bus line in a 5 minute walk from the hotel, there were restaurants and shops right there PLUS a ferry boat comes right to the hotel dock all day and takes you into the city in just 20 minutes. Such a fun public transportation mode with kids. They Loved it! We used that almost every day. Another bonus was the hotel had a balcony for us to hang out on after we got the kids to bed. 



Hotel Stureplan was the second hotel we stayed at. This one is Right in the middle of the city and all the action. A super old building that was also really charming. The breakfast was in the courtyard every morning which was super cozy. We didn't have to take any transportation while staying there because it was so close to everything and we just walked everywhere. One amazing thing about this hotel was that right outside of our room was a big common area room with couches and tables, super cool antique looking furniture. So after we would get the kids to sleep in the room we would sit there in the lobby and eat, watch House of Cards on Netflix and relax, all while we could see the room and hear them with the door cracked. It worked out so great! 


What to Do

Theres So much to do with kids in Stockholm, we barely scratched the service! Here are some of our favorites

Skansen is a Must for all ages. Its a an open air museum/zoo all in one with an amazing playground and great food all in one. In the summer they have concerts there as well. You could easily spend an entire day there. 


 Junibacken  aka Worlds coolest children museum. The whole museum is based on characters and scenes from Astrid Lindgrens books, and I had goosebumps the entire time I was in there. Theres even a ride that takes you through scenes of the books and ends with Pippi's life size house where  you can play in (adults included!) They also have a great cafeteria style restaurant in there so go in the morning, play for a few hours and have lunch!. Its on the same little island as Skansen and other museums. When we went it was raining so we did the morning at Junibacken, had lunch, and then walked next door to the Vasa Museum for the afternoon. 


Vasa Museum is another must. Its a ship that sank just a mile or so from the harbor and after 333 years in the 60's I believe, they pulled it up fully intact. This museum is dark and cool and we planned this one for nap time for Tindra (2 at the time) and it worked perfectly. She fell asleep in the stroller on the walk over and napped pretty much the entire time in there because of the dark. Drew walked around pushing her and reading all the millions of signs while Jasper and I explored at a faster pace because what 6 year old wants to stand around while his parents read. But it was enjoyable for everyone! 

Another super fun thing to do, with kids or without! Take a boat ride out to fjaderholmarna Its about a 20 minute boat ride from the city center. Its a tiny island with an ice-cream shop but not much else, so grab a baquette and some cheeses and make a picnic on the 'beach' Its more like big smooth rocks, but its such a fun way to spend a summer afternoon. 

Another fun thing we did was take a boat ride out to Drottningholm Castle. Actually we took the subway out to the castle, walked through the castle and grounds and then caught the ferry back to the city. 

The castle in the 'old town' area of Stockholm is also awesome to see and now part of it is also a museum. Also fun to see the changing of the guards there! You could spend all day at the castle and shopping in 'gamla stan' (old town) there also.


Kulturehuset in Stockholm is also really cool to visit. The top floor of the building is THE coolest kids library I've ever been in. They also have a cool art room you can pay a super small fee to get a little craft kid. We could have spent hours and hours here also. 

Another fun thing we did was take a boat tour around Stockholm, we wore headphones that gave a ton of history, and being on the water was so much fun for the kids that they let us sit there and listen/enjoy it also. 

For the best views in all of Stockholm, go up kaknastornet. Go up there and grab lunch or fika!

Since Stockholm is all on the water, you have to take a day to get In the (freezing) water. Theres tons of little beaches around, and I wish I remember the way to get to the one we did, but we took a train out to the suburbs and walked through an amazing part and ended up on a public beach that had a great ice cream and hot dog stand. Probably the kids favorite thing we did there! Don't try telling them the water is too cold! 


Theres SO much more to do in and around Stockholm, these were just a few of our favorites! There are endless parks, shops, restaurants and museums to visit. And you don't need a car for any of it! Sweden has some of The best public transportation in the world. 

Outside of Stockholm

If you are wanting to leave the Stockholm area, here are some great places to go 

Boat to Gotland. We did this with friends, honeymooning together 8 months after our wedding and days after theirs! It was an amazing time and I can't wait to go back! We went camping on the beach, but there are hotels/cabins/airbnbs also. The town has a medieval wall around it and is so freaking cool! 


Dalarna is another awesome region to visit. We met friends there with Jasper when he was a toddler, rented a little stuga and went to the theme park they have there. I'm sure theres tons more there to do as well! 

I could go on and on and onnnnnn about things to do in Sweden, places to visit. Next time we go I want to see more of the south! 



Fall break in Vail

We had the Best fall break in Vail last month. We had the perfect weather. Cool crisp fall mountain air with lots of sun and one day of some snow. Weather wise it couldn't have been better!  


The place we stayed (Drew's boss's condo he so generously loaned us) is the Perfect location. Right at the edge of Vail- surrounded by biking trails. So of course we had to bring up our bikes. It's about a 2.5 mile bike ride along the river into Vail Village, and riding those trails was one of my favorite parts of our vacation. It helps that the kids all love it too (maybe not Jasper Quite as much as the littlest since he actually has to work) but the bike rides were all a success! We need to go back in the summer! The bike rides will be even more enjoyable in 70 degree temps


We spent the days biking, eating delicious food, playing at a few really cool parks, playing games, watching disney classics at night.. 


The only day the weather was bad we decided to drive to Glenwood Springs (45-60 minutes away) and spend the day at the hot springs. This might have been the very best day there if I HAD to pick. This was our third time in Glenwood Springs and its always So magical. With the snow and fog in the morning it just added to the magic. We got there about 10:30 ish and spent a few hours at the hot springs, then showered and walked across the bridge to the BEST burger place. Seriously the best. We eat there every time we are there and are never ever disappointed. The kids were all a bit warn out from all the swimming that it ended up being the most relaxing lunch/dinner! And we were there for probably 75 ish minutes just eating and coloring and it was just the best. Seriously if you find yourself find yourself in the Glenwood Springs area, make sure you visit Grind, you WONT regret it! 


After lunch we walked around town for a little bit hoping Soren would sleep but that didn't happen, and then back to the hot springs for a few more hours. After we got back in the hot springs a second time we actually ran into some people from our church! Small world huh, 3 hours away from home. They also have 3 kids close to the same age as ours so the kids had lots of fun playing with them. Their daughter is actually in Tindras sunday school class- our church is huge, i think 6K plus people? So thats pretty crazy! After the hot springs we went back and had hot chocolate and then BED! I think we all slept Really good that night. 

Theres just something about getting away from the city and up into the mountains. We live so close (well not SO close but you know, not that far) but we can go a couple months with out having a real reason to get up there, and after a certain amount of time I just feel this pull, this Need to get up there. Life is slower, up there. Calmer. The air purer. The smells clearer. If you aren't a mountain lover I can't explain it, but for those of you that are, you get it. 

Until next time Rockies. 

Fall in the Rockies

Last weekend I convinced Drew that instead of watching the first half of the Broncos game we Needed to head up to the mountains to check out the fall color before it disappears. Luckily there was a rain delay for the game so he only ended up missing the first quarter anyway. Win win!

Naturally the photographer in me just HAD to bring my tripod and attempt the perfect family picture. HA. Yeah didn't really happen. Apparently kids Really don't want to look at a camera when there is no one holding it. Also my remote was acting up so I had to keep pushing the button and running to jump into the picture. Also hard to get kids to focus when mom keeps running back and forth. BUT we did get to see some gorgeous yellow fall color, and spent a cozy few hours in the mountains with Zero tears or tantrums so I'm counting it as a win!

Aren't those Aspens just stunning? Sadly they don't last every long here. If fall could last like 3 months, like Legit fall that would be wonderful wouldn't it? Here fall is so short and its usually mixed in with summer and winter. Take today for example, its the first day of fall. But its like high 80's. And this weekend its going to be 50's and rain, which will feel a little like winter. So like 2 seconds of fall? Fickle fickle Colorado. We love you anyway. 

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Oh hey I guess I forgot I had a blog over the summer. I tend to do that every summer. Life is always busy, but having all three kiddos home all day adds to the madness! But the best kind of madness. Mostly. More on summer later.

We started our summer with a trip to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Its been on my bucket list for years, but theres such a short window of time to go when the creek is flowing (May-mid june) that we always miss it. Theres only a few cabins right there outside the park and they fill up Fast. But when I called in May I asked if they had ANY openings, and we lucked out with an early June opening during the week so we jumped on it. And SO glad we did!

There aren't words to describe the beauty of the sand dunes. Its so unexpected, to be driving through the mountains, and then all of a sudden you are in this valley surrounded by mountains on all sides except for these massive sand dunes in front of you. Just unreal! If the sand dunes aren't on your bucket list they should be! And definitely make sure you go when Medano creek is flowing!

Some tips: 

Stay at the  Oasis  cabins. They are Right outside the park, you can't get closer unless you are tent camping inside the park. They are small and 'rustic' but it was perfect for us with enough room for all 5 of us. 

Bring the food you are going to want to eat. Theres only a tiny store that carried some basic items and a small cafe right there, otherwise you need to drive like 30 minutes or so to the nearest town. We brought a huge cooler and cooked all of our meals except lunch on the first day we arrived, we had that at the cafe. 

SUN SCREEN. I mean thats a given with the altitude and elevation and SUN, but put on more than you think you need and more often than you think you need. Between the sand and the water, you will get fried if you don't wear like a million SPF. No but seriously, we had on 100 SPF and still needed to reapply every 60-90 minutes and we still got some sun. Tindra who never burns was peeling like crazy the next couple of days. 

Other information; you can rent sleds with wax at the little shop at the Oasis cabins, definitely do that. And bring sand toys. Plan on lots of time at the creek. Our kids could have spent all day every day there and done nothing else and would have been happy. Its more like a beach with waves than a creek and its So fun! Also, bring tubes to float in! And water shoes!



Officially a 'Tindragartner'

Tindras last day of PreK was yesterday and today was their ceremony! It was so stinking cute! It was 'Oh the Places You'll Go' themed, and the teachers gave them all their own copy of the book, with special messages inside from their teachers. So special! The kiddos sang a few songs and got their diplomas. Can't believe we will have two in Elementary school in the fall! 

First and last day of PreK! She won the class award for 'Most Stylish'  

First and last day of PreK! She won the class award for 'Most Stylish'  

Mothers day

We finally had amazing weather on Mother's Day! The last few years it's been terrible, even snowing, but not this year!  

We started off the day by riding our bikes to church (about a 5.5 mile round  trip with lots of hills!) and then grabbing brunch at Panera after. We were going to go fishing at the little pond behind our house after naps and I was going to read in the sun (pure bliss!) but Soren ended up taking almost a 4 hour nap (!!!!!) so that messed up our plans a little bit! We ended up just hanging out and then grabbing dinner on a patio. Pretty relaxing Mother's Day! Hope everyone else had an amazing day!